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IHE Pathology addresses information sharing, workflow and patient care in Pathology, including anatomical pathology.

IHE Pathology is sponsored by the the Organization for the Modernization of French Hospital Information Systems (GMSIH), the French Association for the Developpement of Informatics in Pathology (ADICAP, the Spanish Health Informatics Society (SEIS), the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP), the French Society of Pathology)(SFP). It manages the Pathology Profiles and the Pathology Technical Framework.

The aim is to extend the IHE initiative to pathology laboratories, their information, automation, imaging systems and equipments.

The scope of the anatomic pathology includes surgical pathology, biopsies pathology, cytopathology, autopsies, and related techniques (immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology, etc).

Information systems in pathology laboratories gather medical data (text, images, etc) throughout specimen management from specimen reception to report editing. The diagnostic process in anatomical pathology (figure 1) differs from that in the clinical laboratory since it relies on image interpretation. It also differs from that in radiology since it is specimen-driven and when digital imaging is performed many types of imaging equipments (gross imaging, microscopic still imaging, whole slide imaging, multispectral imaging, etc) may be involved for a single examination. Moreover, images of the same study may be related to different specimen (parts and/or slides) from one or even different patients (e.g Tissue Micro Array). Finally, slides are always available to acquire more images, if needed. In radiology, the diagnostic process is patient-driven, an examination (study) usually involves a single image acquisition modality and all images of the study are related to one and only one patient.

How to participate

  • IHE Pathology international mailing list:
    • (send a mail to co-chair to subscribe)
    • ( (IHE-pathology France))
  • As a Committee Member (Formally apply for Organization membership)
  • As an Interested Observer (Provide Public Comments and/or Change Proposals on Technical Framework Supplements; Attend Demonstrations, Educational Events and Workshops
  • As a Vendor Implementer (Implement IHE Integration Profiles; Test systems through Connectathon process; Publish an IHE Integration Statement for products)
  • As a User Implementer or Consultant (Use Connectathon Results and/or IHE Integration Profiles to develop interoperability strategy to evaluate vendors; Demand IHE Integration Profile compliance in RFPs)

Timeline : 2008-2009 Development Cycle

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Nov. Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) E-mail
Dec. PC Selects "Short List" of Profiles T-Con
April. PC Selects Final Profiles May 2 Cologne
July TC Publishes Public Comment Supplements June 22
July-August Public Comment submission deadline July 30 or Email to cochairs
Nov. TC Publishes Trial Implementation Supplements TBA
Jan. TC Publishes Trial Implementation Supplements January 25 or
May. Brief Profile Proposals 2009-2010 Discussion(PC&TC) May. 17 Toledo (Spain) IHE Pathology-DICOM WG26 joint meeting held in conjunction with the

9th European Congress on Telepathology and 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy

Aug. Publication of Final Text Technical Framework (2008-09) Mid Aug Tcon
Sept. Submit Brief Profile Proposals 2009-2010 to Pathology Planning Committee (PC) Sept 15 - Deadline Wiki & Email to cochairs
Oct. PC Selects "Short List" of Profiles Oct. 2-3 Evora, Portugal (COST MC)
Oct. Short listed Profile Proposal Authors to submit Detailed Proposals to PC End of Dec wiki & Email to cochairs
Nov. TC Evaluates "Short List" of Profiles Nov. 5-6 Warsaw, Poland (COST workshop - WG3)
Dec. PC & TC Discision for 2009 work End of Dec Tconf
Jan. Test implementations at Connectathon Jan Chicago
Jan. PC review of scope of White Papers January 11 - 16, 2009 Orlando, FL (HL7 Working Group Meeting)
Mar. Profile development meeting: finalize supplements for Public Comment (TC) Mar 10-13 (COST MC, WG) Paris
Apr. Connectathon Europe Apr.  ??


  • 2009-10
  • Future work
    • Integrating automatons IP (with LAB)
    • Inter-departments workflow IP (with LAB)
      • Relationships between Pathology departments; Relationships between pathology/radiology/endoscopy
    • Cross enterprise documents/images sharing (XDS, XDS-I)(ITI)
    • Telepathology (2 Business Processes)
    • Integrating PIS to tissue banks or Tissue Micro Arrayers (with LAB)(John Gilbertson)
    • Sharing anatomic pathology data for clinical research (with PCC)(Thomas Schrader, John Gilbertson, Christel Daniel)

Current Activity

IHE Pathology has started work in the 2008-2009 Cycle. Contact the Pathology Planning and Technical Committee if you would like to participate.

Profile Selection

These Brief Profile Proposals were submitted for the 2008-2009 Development Cycle

  • Pathology Reporting Workflow (PRWF)
  • Digital imaging for research applications (Tissue Micro Arrays)
  • Tissue banking
  • Automatons
  • Sharing terminology

These Detailed Profile Proposals were short-listed and evaluated by the Technical Committee

  • ...

The new items will be selected by the Planning Committee for the Cycle 2008-2009.

Demonstrations & Presentations

Date Location Event Details
2007.08.16-17 Brisbane, Australia World Congress Pathology Informatics Presentation
2007.08.20-24 Brisbane, Australia Medinfo Presentation
2007.09.08-13 Istanbul, Turkey European Congress of Pathology Educational Sessions
2008.05.9 Berlin, Germany OpENSC Presentation
2008.05.27-30 Paris, France HIT 2008 Presentation
2008.05.15-17 Toledo, Spain European Congress on Telepathology Demonstration, Presentation, Educational Sessions, IHE Pathology-DICOM WG26 joint meeting
2008.05.17-22 Barcelona, Spain 3rd International Congress of Pathology Presentation

Supporters and Endorsements

IHE Pathology is supported or endorsed by the following organizations:

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