2018-03-05 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG

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2018-03-05 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG

PCIM WG meeting 2018-03-05

Present: Doug Pratt (Cerner), John Rhoads (Philips)

Last meeting: 2018-01-25 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG


Options discussion

Text on options from Megan:

"The Device-Patient Association Consumer has two options available for receiving data from the Device-Patient Association Manager. The first option is to query the Manager for a snapshot of current associations, either by sending a patient identifier and receiving back the associated device(s) or by sending a device identifier and receiving back the associated patient. The second option is to receive an unsolicited continuous stream of association and disassociation events from the Manager as they occur. The Device-Patient Association Manager should support sending data via both methods, and the Device-Patient Association Consumer may support one or both methods."

Cross-profile considerations profile

What should be said in the text about the profile's use of ITI transactions for Patient Administration Management and Patient Demographic Query

Meeting notes


Consensus was that Megan's text regarding options fully met the need of that section.

Action: (Rhoads) insert it into the draft text

Cross-profile considerations regarding ITI Patient Administration Management and/or ITI Patient Demographic Query

Consensus was that since this enters into PCIM use cases (for example, establishing association of a spot-check reading with a patient) mainly as a source of pick-list options for associating a patient with device data and is therefore not closely connected with other Device-Patient Association Manager activities, it could be handled as a sort of side-note to one or more use-case descriptions where relevant rather than needing to be a separate use case.

Action: (Pratt) Write appropriate text.

Action: More text needs to be transferred and in some cases amplified to go from the White Paper to the draft Profile Supplement (Rhoads)

Next meeting: 2018-03-12 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG