2018-01-25 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG

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PCIM meeting 2018-01-25

Present: Megan Tetlow, Doug Pratt, John Rhoads

Meeting notes:

Doug highlighted glossary entries that might not belong in the Supplement, as opposed to the White Paper which went into the general context to the identity problems further.

Consensus was that some entries probably ought to be dropped, but we should determine which ones to drop after Doug outlines what ought to be said about the use PCIM will make of the ITI demographic profiles in the Cross Profile Considerations section near the end - that will guide which of the highlighted glossary terms still needed.

We discussed some of the margin comments that were in the latest version of the Word document and Doug documented the results of the discussions.

Planned actions:

Doug will send out his updated version of the Word document to serve as the basis of the next discussion: describing the cross-profile considerations and editing out unneeded glossary entries based on that.

Megan will look into the question of options, specifically if we should document an option for the consumer to take an ongoing publish-subscribe feed of association and disassociation events, as opposed to requesting a snapshot of the current state of the associations in the manager.

Next meeting: 2018-03-05 Point-of-Care Identity Management (PCIM) WG