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APR Education Value Set

Name Opt Type units SNOMED CT LOINC
First Trimester
Risk factors identified by prenatal history R2 CD   xx-edu-prenatalriskfactors
Anticipated course of prenatal care R2 CD   17629007
Special Diet R2 CD   171054004
Nutrition and weight gain counseling R2 CD   429095004
Toxoplasmosis precautions (cats/raw meat) R2 CD   xx-edu-toxoplasmosis
Sexual activity R2 CD   162169002
Exercise R2 CD   171056002
Influenza vaccine R2 CD   xx-edu-influenza
Smoking/tobacco counseling R2 CD   171055003
Environmental/work hazards R2 CD   370995009
Travel R2 CD   xx-edu-travel
Alcohol R2 CD   171057006
Illicit/recreational drugs R2 CD   171058001
Use of any medications R2 CD   xx-edu-useofmeds
Indications for ultrasound R2 CD   xx-edu-indicationsforultrasound
Domestic violence R2 CD   413457006
Seatbelt use R2 CD   xx-edu-seatbeltuse
Childbirth classes/hospital facilities R2 CD   61324002
Second Trimester
Childbirth classes/hospital facilities R2 CD   61324002
Signs and symptoms of preterm labor R2 CD   xx-edu-pretermlaborsignssymptoms
Abnormal Lab Values R2 CD   410299006
Influenza vaccine R2 CD   xx-edu-fluvaccine
Selecting a newborn care provider R2 CD   xx-edu-newborncareprovider
Postpartum family planning R2 CD   54070000
Tubal sterilization R2 CD   243064009
Third Trimester
Anesthesia/analgesia plans R2 CD   243062008
Fetal movement monitoring R2 CD   xx-edu-fetalmovement
Labor signs R2 CD   xx-edu-sslabor
VBAC counseling R2 CD   xx-edu-vbac
Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy-induced hypertension R2 CD   xx-edu-sspreclampsia
Postterm counseling R2 CD   xx-edu-postterm
Circumcision R2 CD   184002001
Bottle feeding R2 CD   169644004
Breast feeding R2 CD   169643005
Postpartum depression R2 CD   xx-edu-ssppd
Newborn education (Newborn screening, jaundice, SIDS, car seat) R2 CD   75461000
Family medical leave or disability forms R2 CD   40791000
Tubal sterilazation consent signed R2 CD   408835000