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APR H&P History of Infection Observation Codes Value Set

Name Opt Type Units SNOMED CT LOINC
Live with someone with TB or exposed to TB R2 CD   170464005
History of Genital Herpes R2 CD   402888002
Exposed to Genital Herpes R2 CD   240480009
Rash since LMP R2 CD   49882001
Viral illness since LMP R2 CD   34014006
Rash or viral illness since LMP R2 CD   49882001
Hepatitis B R2 CD   235871004
Hepatitis C R2 CD   235872006
History of STD R2 CD   8098009
History of Gonorrhea R2 CD   15628003
History of Chlamydia R2 CD   312099009
History of HPV R2 CD   302812006
History of HIV R2 CD   165816005
History of Syphilis R2 CD   76272004