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APR H&P Pregnancy History Observation Codes Value Set

Name Opt Type Units SNOMED CT LOINC
Total Pregnancies (Gravida) R PQ   161732006
Full Term Deliveries R PQ   xx-fullterm
Premature Deliveries R PQ   xx-premature
Abortion, Induced R PQ   252114001
Abortion, Spontaneous (Miscarriages) R PQ   248989003
Ectopic Pregnancies R PQ   xx-ectopics
Multiple Births R PQ   364323006
Live Births R PQ   248991006
Detailed Pregnancy Data    
Date Month/Year R TS   184099003
Weeks Gestation at Delivery R PQ   268477000
Length of Labor R PQ   271562002
Birth Weight R PQ   364589006
Sex R ST   365873007
Type of Delivery (Past Pregnancy Outcome) R ST   267013003
Type of Anesthetic R ST   399084002
Place of Delivery R ST   169812000
Preterm Labor R BL   6383007