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APR H&P History of Past Illness Observation Codes - Medical History Value Set

Name Opt Type Units SNOMED CT
Diabetes R2 CD   73211009
Hypertension R2 CD   38341003
Heart Disease R2 CD   56265001
Autoimmune Disorder R2 CD   85828009
Kidney Disease R2 CD   90708001
UTI R2 CD   68566005
Neurologic R2 CD   118940003
Epilepsy R2 CD   84757009
Psychiatric R2 CD   74732009
Depression R2 CD   41006004
Postpartum Depression R2 CD   58703003
Hepatitis R2 CD   128241005
Liver Disease R2 CD   235856003
Varicosities R2 CD   276504003
Phlebitis R2 CD   61599003
Thyroid Dysfunction R2 CD   14304000
Trauma R2 CD   417746004
Violence R2 CD   225818009
History of Blood Transfusion R2 CD   116859006
D(Rh) Sensitized R2 CD   3885002
Pulmonary R2 CD   19829001
Seasonal Allergies R2 CD   367498001
Drug Allergy R2 CD   416098002
Latex Allergy R2 CD   300916003
Food Allergy R2 CD   414285001
Breast R2 CD   79604008
Gyn Surgery R2 CD   12658000
Operations R2 CD   387713003
Hospitalizations R2 CD   32485007
Anesthetic Complications R2 CD   33211000
History of Abnormal Pap R2 CD   274688009
Uterine Anomaly/DES R2 CD   37849005
DES Exposure R2 CD   xx-desexposure
Infertility R2 CD   8619003
Art Treatment R2 CD   63487001