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The PCC Wiki Content is used only for development of IHE PCC Content. The Normative content of the PCC Technical Framework and the current supplements can be found at https://www.ihe.net/resources/technical_frameworks/#pcc

Trial.gif Estimated Delivery Dates Section
Template ID
General Description

This section houses the physicians best estimate of the patients due date. This is generally done both on an initial evaluation, and later confirmed at 18-20 weeks. The date is supported by evidence such as the patients history of last menstral period, a physical examination, or ultrasound measurements. If an gestational age based on ultrasound is present, it is generally considered the most accurate measurement and so that date would be chosen.

LOINC Code Opt Description
Entries Opt Description R Estimated Due Date Observation
This is a simple observation to represent the estimated due date with a supporting observation or observations that state the method used and date implied by that method. If one observation is present, then it is to be interpreted as the initial EDD. If the initial observation dates indicate the EDD is within the 18 to 20 weeks completed gestation, that observation will also populate the 18-20 week update. If the initial observation indicates an EDD of more than 20 weeks EGA, then no value will be placed in the 18-20 week update field.

Sample Estimated Delivery Dates Section
    <templateId root=''/>
    <id root=' ' extension=' '/>
    <code code='(xx-edd-section)' displayName='ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE-^PATIENT-FIND-PT-NAR-'
      codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.6.1' codeSystemName='LOINC'/>
      Text as described above
      <!-- Required Estimated Due Date Observation element -->
        <templateId root=''/>
<pattern name='Template_1.'> 
 <rule context='*[cda:templateId/@root=""]'> 
     <!-- Verify that the template id is used on the appropriate type of object --> 
   <assert test='../cda:section'> 
      Error: The Estimated Delivery Dates can only be used on sections. 
   <!-- Verify the section type code --> 
   <assert test='cda:code[@code = "(xx-edd-section)"]'> 
     Error: The section type code of a Estimated Delivery Dates must be (xx-edd-section) 
   <assert test='cda:code[@codeSystem = "2.16.840.1.113883.6.1"]'> 
     Error: The section type code must come from the LOINC code  
     system (2.16.840.1.113883.6.1). 
   <assert test='.//cda:templateId[@root = ""]'> 
     <!-- Verify that all required data elements are present -->
     Error: The Estimated Delivery Dates Section must contain a(n) Estimated Due Date Observation Entry.
     See http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title= 

See Templates using the Estimated Delivery Dates Section