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The PDF says ManufacturedLabeledDrug. This is in fact incorrect. CCD uses ManufacturedMaterial, and that is the constrained model that supports lotNumber.

ManufacturedMaterial and ManufacturedLabeledDrug are semantically identical RIM classes in CDA R2.

This text needs to be fixed-->>In QED, this needs to use the C-MET R_Medication [universal], or R_AdministerableMedication [universal], so that we can record lot-number and other details <<--

This text needs to be fixed-->>For cases where no medication is required, we need to use something like this

      <consumable typeCode="CSM">
       <manufacturedProduct classCode="MANU">
        <templateId assigningAuthorityName="CCD"
        <templateId assigningAuthorityName="HITSP/C32"
        <templateId assigningAuthorityName="IHE"
          <originalText><reference value='#Medication1'/></originalText>
         <name >None</name>