Rad Tech Minutes 2009.02.18

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  • Aaron Bauman - Codonics
  • David Clunie - RadPharm (Co-chair)
  • Jere Darling - DatCard Systems
  • Christoph Dickmann - Siemens
  • Lynn Felhofer - Mallinckrodt Inst.
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Patricia Sokol - AMA/AANS
  • Jerold Wallis - Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • Chris Carr - RSNA


  • Action Item: Chris Carr to write text for review by AMA and AANS describing their contribution to the development of the profile
  • Discussion focused on performance parameters
  • Action Item: Jere Darling to review performance and send final comments to David Clunie by 2-22
  • Action Item: David Clunie to update document and send to Chris Carr by 2-24
  • Public Comment Period for Radiology Supplements to begin March 22; end May 1
  • BIR will be covered at face-to-face meeting on May 12, starting at 8:30am
  • Next Committee Tcon: Friday, 2009-02-20, 9-11am CT

Radiology Technical Committee