Rad Tech Agenda 07.11.5-7

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Proposed Agenda

Updated Schedule for November 6-7 2007

Radiation Dose Management Profile

PDI for Large Data Sets

Connectathon Discussion

One of the current challenges with the PDI Profile is it is limited to CDs, which are often not sufficient for the Imaging Data Sets which need to be placed on a Media. There is a desire to look at both alternative media (e.g. DVD) and the ability to compress Imaging Data. To date, this has not been done because of the high interoperability requirements.

The original PDI profile

The original PDI profile looked at DVD and determined that the interoperability of DVD drives and media was not good enough to consider. As technology has advanced, there is a need to revisit this position. Towards that end, there is a proposal on the table to run a PDI Connectathon for DVD media to determine whether it is time to create a PDI for Large Data Sets using DVD media.

The following is information we hope that each Vendor can bring to the face-to-face:

  • What is your Company's position of running a DVD Test
  • How might your company participate in such a DVD test.
  • What Companies who are not here should get invitations?

The following is what we hope to cover at the face-to-face:

  • Determine user/vendor interest in DVD tests in the Connectathon (Go or No Go)
  • Decide about performing the informal tests (Jan. Connectathon). David Clunie has started the development of the DVD Connectathon Testing. Your input and comments to the PDI DVD Preliminary Evaluation Document is welcome.
  • Determine how to use and publish the DVD Connectathon Testing Results. Lynn Felhofer, one of the IHE North American Connectathon Project Managers will be running the testing.
  • Determine if there are any additional next steps. Does a research project on interoperability and compression need to be started at this point?
  • Determine how to continue communications up with OFFIS/DRG. Are there additional PDI CPs which can be written this year, or does everything have to wait for the next steps.

Scheduled Workflow II (SWF II)

Mammography Acquisition Workflow Informative Text Development

As Scheduled Workflow II will not be immediately available, informative text will be developed to help Users with the current Schedule Workflow implementation and how it should be applied to Digital Mammography.

The goal for this discussion shall be:

  • Development of a list of problems
  • Discussion of potential deployment methods for each problem (brief discussion with take away action items).
  • Determine the format of the informative text deliverable - this should be determined by who the Primary Audience is meant to be
  • Appendix in current TF -- NM example
  • User Handbook
  • Formal development of assignments and follow-up T-cons to keep the momentum.

Housekeeping Items

  • Date for January/February 2008 Face-to-Face (Work Completion for Public Comment)
  • Date for March 2008 Face-to-Face (Resolution of Public Comments)
  • Setup of Prelminary T-Cons for Work Items
  • Radiation Dose
  • SWF II
  • Mammography Acquisition Workflow Informative Text
  • CP Discussions CP Tracking Document