Rad Plan Minutes 08.05.13

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  • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba, co-chair
  • Chris Lindop, GE, co-chair
  • Cindy Levy, Cedara
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • Peter Mildenberger, Mainz
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa
  • Niki Wirsz, PhD, Siemens (by email vote)
  • Lynn Felhofer, Tech Proj Mgr
  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


Evaluate and Vote on TCE for Final Text

Planning Committee reviewed the results of Paul Seifert's investigation, TCE Readiness Evaluation, matching the status of TCE against the checklist developed for assessing profile status.

  • Negative outcomes:
    • Not all actors have been tested by multiple vendors (the Export Manager has been implemented by two open source projects, but only one vendor
    • Not all options have been implemented (no one has tested the delay option)
    • Scarcity of commercial implementations: only a handful have implemented the selector actor
    • Absence of known implementations in the real world
    • TCE is thought to describe a useful criterion, though not a major commercial priority
  • Primary decision criterion is whether it is technically stable enough to become final text
  • Motion to promote the TCE profile to Final Text
    • Outcomes: Four votes in favor; one against; one abstention. Motion approved.
  • Actions:
    • Publish TCE as part of the Radiology Technical Framework v9.0.
    • Promote deployment of TCE through MIRC sessions at RSNA; open source plugfest at SIIM

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