Rad Plan Agenda 08.03.05

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Profile Pages for ISO

  • Review action items
    • Each PC member should volunteer to prepare the page for one or two profiles
    • Kevin will call for volunteers (first come first served)
    • Kevin will ask un-volunteered Cmte members to pick up un-claimed profiles on Feb 29th
    • Kevin will circulate guidance on what is expected to the volunteers
    • Chris C will extract or provide references to previously prepared material for some of the profiles pulling some of our previous work
  • Update Plan and deadlines
    • Deadline for draft pages: March 17th
    • Plan quick review of contents: late-March
    • "Submit to ISO" in early-April
  • Open Issue: To what extent do we want to promote profiles that are "up for review" and may be changed/superceded (e.g. Reporting Workflow, Post-Processing Workflow) and what do we want to say about them?

Board Representative

  • Review Action Items
    • Announce Process - Kevin
    • Call for nominations - Kevin
    • Email ballot - RSNA

IHE Vendor Webinar - June 2008

  • Need a plan
  • Deadlines?

RSNA Classroom Courses - Nov 2008

  • Review/modify last years matrix
  • Deadlines?

Other Items

  • Set up and populate a "Future Agenda Items" page - Kevin
  • Establish a baseline of regular meetings (e.g. once per month)

Next meeting(s)