Pharm Tech Minutes 2021.08.06

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  • Participants
    • Sylvia Stein, GS1 Netherlands
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Simon Letellier
    • João Almeida
    • José Costa Teixeira (chairing)



  • Participants
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Ongoing ballot #12
  • Vaccination updates
  • Election procedures
  • Work item proposals and planning
  • Agenda for September meeting in Chania


Vaccination updates

Juergen had a meeting with some people from ministries. One participant, Richard de Jong discussed that it would be interesting to add their participation. They would join a meeting like the one we planned for Chania, most likely remotely than on site. Juergen also contacted Health authorities in Saudi Arabia, to see if they have interest. There was a GDHP meeting a few days ago and eVaccination is the most pressing use case for the countries that submitted the response to Juergen's poll. In yesterday's IPS meeting, the topic was presented but no conclusions. WHO will have a call mid-august on vaccination where this will be brought forward. As a conclusion, as of today we could make a mini webshop in Chania to include NL, CH, WHO and IHE together.

  • Stephane has no availability for the eVaccination topic.

Election Process

In 2020, we skipped the election process We have 2 co-chair positions open: Juergen and José's ended their mandates in 2020. Esther Peelen was elected 2 years ago, mandate for GS1 Netherlands, and her change means we have to reconduct elections. Michael is the only co-chair in a regular position. His 2nd mandate is ending now, and he plans to retire in March, so he will likely not re-apply.

We should call for elections asap. A similar situation has happened in other areas, and two options could be taken: 1. We simply skip the 2020 year, and we hold election for 2-year mandates as usual (This is the group's preferred option, but we'd need to ask DCC for confirmation). 2. We hold elections for 1 year to compensate for the 2020 irregularity.

Simon, José, others will check how the calendar looks like, and will send an email to the group, After that, we launch the election.

Work planning

Supply / Catalog

  • There is a skeleton of transactions and content, but not supported in HL7 FHIR. We had joint meetings, and we paused them a few months ago.
  • In September we will continue the work and discussion. The plan is to aim for a Connectathon to validate the IHE proposal.

José will add Sylvia to the Supply group when the meetings restart.

Medication Documentation

Work in ongoing, we need to devote some time in Chania to validate and continue it.

Dispense, Prescription

Work item proposals will be sent by email to the group.

Chania meeting planning

Updated the schedule

Any other business

None. Meeting adjourned at 14:45 CEST.