Pharm Tech Minutes 2020.08.06

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  • Participants
    • Carl Leitner
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Michael Tan
  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • no changes
  • Review minutes previous meetings:

Previous minutes

    • action items preformed
    • Jose has presented the IHE Pharmacy Board Report in the DCC call. Document approved by the DCC.
    • The board report has been sent to Chris Carr for approval in the IHE board.

F2F meetings

  • New dates for the new season 2020-2021 can be found in the Pharmacy schedule on the Google Drive
  • Date for the first F2F has been set to 22-23 October.
  • This is 10 days before the IHE World Summit in Brussels 2-6 November.
  • A decision about the World Summit will be taken mid September.
  • We will leave the option open until end of September whether to continue with the F2F.
  • If it does take place then a likely venue will be a location near to most of the members.
  • For example Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland.

Documentation Publication topics

  • Chris Carr has give Josen space for publication. Jose will collaborate with John Moerke and build a prototype to show.
  • This can be found at https:\\
  • Jose wil alert us, when he has published a prototype. *Jose
  • Stephane asks Jose if he is aware of an e-mail thread about PDF versus HTML.
  • also see
  • It seems that some IHE members still have the need of PDF publications.
  • Jose will suggest a different template.

Medication lists

  • Jose mentions that Belgium is now active with 2 major projects (medication and vaccination).
    • Medication Schema. They are now exploring whether FHIR could be an alternative to build on in Belgium.
    • Why not share knowledge with Oliver Egger from Switzerland, who has written FHIR specifications for the Cantons in Switzerland.
    • see the ART-DECOR guides on cda-ch-emed (CDA) and ch-emed (FHIR)
    • and
  • Belgium has the intention to start vaccination for children using FHIR resources.
  • Carl also mentions the WHO immunization request for a registry intended for the COVID-19.. See: 
  • Nictiz also has a collaboration with Australia and UK about Child Health. Vaccination data of children are also part of their topics.
  • Information can be found on the Patient Care Confluence page. The project is called CHOICE.


  • Supply calls will continue every week.
  • Logical models represented in a FHIR resource called inventory report.
  • Basis is GS1 material. Jose has approached Lloyd MCKenzie from FMG to show the proposal.
  • The inventory report will be owned by Orders & Observation. HL7 governance requires a project scope statement ( PSS) to be submitted before a new FHIR resource can be introduced. Jose will share the proposal with the group. *Jose
  • now waiting for Lloyd and O&O to decide on the next step.


Any other business

  • Question: how to submit a change proposal in terminology. *Michael
  • Unicom formulary profiles. We need to review the old formulary profiles. There is a need for product catalogue. Christian Hay knows more. Unicom should come with as assignment. Michael will ask Maayke if she knows more.* Michael
  • Carl also mentions the requirement for a product catalogue from World Bank.

Pharmacy Technical Committee