Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.01.28

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Meeting details

WebEx details: Meeting number: 955 682 200

Technical Agenda

  • Work on barcodes - progress and alignment (Esther?) (5m) + Discussion (15m)

New transaction is identified but seems not the initially discussed transaction (simple decode of barcode).

  • Stephane suggests also to add the convers "encoding" transaction
  • Christof Gessner suggests to look at the LAB LBL transaction for labeling.
  • Jose suggests that in the discussion, some of the material could enrich our white paper.


  • The date of 15th Feb is not the final date for any publication, but the date for presenting and discussing the agreed scope. So there is a bit more time, not a lot.
  • The date for document to be finished would be end of April 2016 to still make it for this year's publication.
  • The template used is still the old one (possibly Jose's mistake) - It is best to use only the new template.
  • Esther will join in a phone call/webex for further discussion
  • Work on Supply - presentation of Supply transactions to Pharma group, to start working on the profiles (15m)

Presentation can be found here: Supply Transactions Rev IHE

    • Discussion with ITI and PCC in F2F? Yes, agreed to do so.
  • Common Profile discussions - José
    • Current status of discussions
    • Current status of FHIR resources
    • Proposed approach: Start with simpler cases (administration) and work backwards.
      • Suggestion to discuss in Porto how to use FHIR in our profile(s).
      • Jose: There is an initiative in DCC Documentation workgroup how to use different versions of FHIR.

Planning Agenda

* F2F Meeting in Porto is in 16th and 17th. * Agenda - Michael will draft the agenda in the wiki.

    • Attendees: Marc Regrets, Michael and Juergen unsure yet.
  • Key topics:
    • "Common Profile" --> discuss new name in Porto
    • Supply
      • Including barcodes
      • Including educational material
    • Joint session with PCC, ITI
    • Joint dinner options: OK for joint dinner and cellars could be a good option

* Joint meeting with HL7 and ISO

  • Montreal as alternative: This is difficult for most/all people in IHE Pharmacy - Let's start with some calls.
    • Christof defends the need to keep alignment alive.
  • For (technical) calls, we should start a joint discussion backlog - This list will then be evaluated to trigger calls, new projects or initiatives
    • Proposal - Discuss this in Porto the approach to have ISO, and see if the whole group is there, or if it is more a summit with representatives - if these representatives are selected.

* Liaison with HL7 / report from Orlando WGM

  • Domain Report (10 min)
    • Question about Pharmacy profile deployments:
      • National Health Exchange in Switzerland
      • Medikationsplan in GE
      • France (HAS) has started discussions for the certification of dispensing software - not yet in place.
  • Any demonstrations of Pharmacy profiles - None new

Any other business: None