Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.01.05

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Meeting details


Stéphane Spahni
Simon Letellier
Marc Robberecht
Jose Costa Teixeira

Recap from meeting 17 November, Review of latest HL7 FHIR discussions on workflow

  • Content of the document exposes pertinent questions to continue discussion.
  • Separation of order into Clinical and Logistics makes sense
  • It would be useful (for analysis at least) to separate Events from Workflows:
  • Events are things that occur in time; A request is an event, as is a dispense action, or a reply to a request.
  • Workflows are lasting activities or sequences of actions. A treatment is a workflow (with orders and dispenses...) but also "ordering" can be a "workflow" - e.g. when an order needs changes..
  • Planned events may not be the really occurring events.
  • Status of workflow is updated by the events (namely the last event of a workflow updates the status of the workflow).
  • Need to link workflows to workflows:
  • Downward: How to start a dispensing workflow from an ordering workflow?
  • Task/Request? or is the dispenser consulting the workflow directly?
  • Upward: How does the treatment workflow get notified that the dispensing workflow is done?
  • Task/Activity report? Or is the dispenser updating the workflow directly?