Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.11.10

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White paper status

White paper v29 is out, still not "review-ready" but already includes the required transactions. White paper is desired to go out quickly and we should work on profiles.

Discussion on Barcode profile

Description of transactions as in the white paper.

There could be an overlap between the proposals - because the functionality enabled (or implied) by the barcode scanning could mean inventory management, product consumption... Jose explained, from the white paper, the intended transactions (early draft). In all the supply messages we would need a) the "barcode" string, or b) the "decoded" values - in fact either a) or b) should be supported.

Example: Message Consumption Report:

  • Location ID
  • UserID
  • ...
  • Date of consumption
  • Department of usage
  • Billable department
  • Consumed Element
  • Element Catalog ID
  • Element Serial number
  • Element batch number
  • Element expiry date
  • Element other identifier (e.g. barcode data string)

The actors before the parsing of the barcode would only contain the barcode string; the others would contain the detailed attributes.

Marc clarified that this could be the ideal entry point to the "barcode" transaction: having a transaction dedicated to the barcode parsing, that could then be integrated in any of the supply actors. Stéphane explained that this is how it works in their implementation.

Next steps

This proposal could result in a review of the proposal ? This could be a pro-forma, since there is an agreement within the group that the profile makes sense as was discussed in the call. Perhaps adding content to the white paper to align this? To be discussed with Erik, Esther and Vincent in the next call.

White Paper

Current version is on FTP site: whitepaper (Under revision, read at your own risk...)