Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.04.01

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Review of white paper

No progress on the white paper since last call.


Feedback from Monroe and others : we will setup a rule for how to handle these questions, to avoid deciding case by case in calls. Jose will make a proposal.

A common concern is “when do we stop looking at new use cases?” - we must start finishing the document

HL7 article

HL7 Article will circulate to group

Central procurement

Leonidas will send analysis of advantages/disadvantages of central procurement.

Additional contributions

Simon will engage with the French providers of automated dispensers, Jose and others can do the same for international vendors.


Jose will send to Simon an empty template of the white paper. Simon will review and we can make a proposal for such a template to present in a DCC call soon. This will fit in the current approach by IHE DCC to trace requirements and profiles.