Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.11.01-2

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  • Simon Letellier
  • Michael Tan
  • José Costa Teixeira

Review and Approve Agenda

  • Approved

Administrative work

  • Domain milestones - started, but Juergen will be asked to confirm and assist.
  • Joint ISO / IHE / HL7 Pharmacy meeting in May in Amsterdam
  • Low attendance expected from HL7. Would be good to raise awareness, e.g. publicize the eHealth week.
  • Michael will inform HL7 in Orlando in January
  • Regardless of attendance level, if the meeting includes IHE and ISO it should already support the ongoing collaboration and sharing.
  • Topic of Supply and Barcodes should be interesting to emphasize the importance of this meeting. GS1 will be represented there (Christian).

Medication Management Terms and Definitions

  • Work is ongoing with the SMEs, goal is to have it ready for ISO meeting in Amsterdam in May 2016. Michael will continue to work on the comments.
  • An "official" IHE engagement will be triggered by Michael later, when the document allows it.


  • White paper - Ongoing, no new expected content
  • Profiles - start early Jan
  • Barcodes - GS1 is willing to produce the mini-profile; Stephane provided information on that set of transactions
  • Michael to confirm with Esther that the transaction in the Barcode profile is the transaction that is "missing" in the Supply scope - parsing a barcode content.

"Common" profile

  • Functional model is ongoing. Most complexity is "inherited" from hospital workflows, so we should find a common term to support both Community and Hospital.

Medication Documentation WP

  • Short paper may be produced in 2016

Formulary / Catalog

  • Short profile or short white paper are possible; Depends on the openMedicine project and additional discussions that we are having.


  • eHealth Forum in Athens, Dec 3 and 4 2015 - will include an IHE session, and a presentation by José on using Supply profiles in healthcare.