Pharm Tech Minutes 2013.08.06

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Michael Tan
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Simon Letellier

The quorum is not reached: no decision can be officially recorded during the meeting.

The teleconference is set as a discussion meeting.

Approval of minutes of F2F meeting Jun 10/12, 2013


Schedule 2013/2014

  • Planning next F2F in Paris :
Confirmation of the dates of the next F2F meeting in Paris : Leonidas needs a confirmation of the dates to book his flight with early registration price.
The question that need to be solved is where in Paris : @ Phast's offices ?
  • Vienna
Michael is staying in touch with ISO to plan the joint meeting in April 2014.

User co-chair election

  • 2 candidates
  • 5 voting organizations

The election is closed after 3 weeks.

Michael Tan is elected new IHE PHARM User co-chair for the next 2 years.

The official announcement will be sent on the mailing list quickly after the meeting.

Approve CPs for ballot

  • CPs for Community Pharmacy
  • CP-PHARM-042v2 DIS maintenance

  • CPs for Hospital Pharmacy
  • CP-PHARM-036v2 Inconsistencies between CMPD-WD and XDW profile
  • CP-PHARM-040v2 PRE maintenance
  • CP-PHARM-041 PADV maintenance
  • CP-PHARM-043v5 Readability - clarification and summary of message content
  • CP-PHARM-044 PRE: Correct namespace for element of datatype “RTO_QTY_QTY”
Postponed :
This important point will be addressed by Jürgen during this month to close the annual cycle.

Any other business

The Formulary WP will propose 3 différents profiles and set of data to be exchanged related to médications :

1. basic set of data for test purpose and to validate the transaction
2. one complete transaction that answers to hospitals and institutions needs (related to systems using HMW)
3. one complete transaction that answers to national and community needs (related to systems using CMPD, XDS and XDW)

Next TCon

October 3rd 16:00-17:30

Pharmacy Technical Committee