Pharm Tech Minutes 2013.05.30

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call

Simon Letellier (EAHP, secretary)

Jacqueline Surugue (EAHP, IHE co-chair user)

Jose Costa Teixeira (Agfa Healthcare)

Michael Tan (Nictiz)

  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approval of minutes of the last TCon

F2F meeting agenda

  • Logistics

Nictiz building is a red building with a green framework.

15/16 participants are expected.

The meeting will take place in room 1, the largest room in Nictiz building.

Michael is trying to arrange a WebEx in the room.

Need to communicate on the unique and first joint meeting with ISO, HL7 and IHE groups on a topic (pharmacy)

After the end of the first day, a short interview will be organized, with representatives of each group to be published on Nictiz website.

  • Day 1 : ISO/HL7/IHE Joint meeting

The part of the agenda dedicated to IHE works is still open for the description of our current profiles, the glossary or anything else . But must answered in a very short time now.

Jacqueline will check that point with Jürgen.

  • Day 2 : IHE Pharmacy meeting

  • Day 3 : IHE Pharmacy meeting

Call for proposals

  • Cross-domain supply proposal (Jose)

The document is explained and reviewed by Jose.

This will included traceability concerns.

Jose stresses on the need not to work in silos but in collaboration with all healthcare professionals.

Work-item status

Work- and Action-items list

  • Strategic

DICOM is OK to separate dispense and administration. Link with DICOM on Contrasts management : Jose will send an email to Jacqueline for review.

  • Hospital Pharmacy

The use case on ADCs has been split in pieces.

More to follow.

  • Community Pharmacy

  • General

IHE Pharmacy White paper v1.3 (M. Tan)

The new part of the WP goes deeper in the admission of the patient and his discharge from the hospital and on his medication history.

This will include the medication reconciliation step.

For the moment, the focus is on systems involved in this process.

Jose is working on the improvement of the "Medication Documentation" White paper.

==> Will be discuss in the Days 2/3 in Den Haag.

Medication formularies and catalogues

Slides will be prepared for the F2F meeting after the review of NCPDP and other US existing documentations on "Medication Formulary".

  • Cross-domain

Will wait for Jürgen's input on CMPD to progress on the Medication profile.

Any other business

  • Next TCon : Doodle ?
  • Next F2F meeting : a proposal from Jose for a meeting in Porto will be explored.

Dates to be scheduled.

Next meeting

Pharmacy Technical Committee