Pharm Tech Minutes 2013.03.19

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09:00 - 09:15 Welcome

  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Jacqueline Surugue
  • Michael Tan
  • Simon Lettelier
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Stephen Chu
  • Marco Demarmels
  • Jose Costa Teixera
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

09:15 - 10:30 Medication Documentation Part 1: Hierarchy/Definitions

  • Current document versions
  • Slides as basis for word document
  • Word document
  • Use-cases
  • Identified real-world use-case: Physician wants a Medication list in order to support his/her prescribing
  • Other use-cases possible, but we concentrate on the first one in the first step
  • We divide the work into the following parts (in parallel):
  • Requirements out of real-world projects
  • Jürgen: Austria
  • Marco: Switzerland
  • Michael: Netherlands
  • Stephen: Australia?
  • Jose: Bottom-up approach: Possible information elements of present data-sources
  • We combine the top-down approach with the bottom-up approach by:
  • Chapter 4 of current document will be replaced into a new document
  • Match & merge the different requirents to a common set, in terms of optionalities (prework for profile lateron)
  • Try to cover each requirement of the common set with information elements of the data-source we have at the moment
Next steps:
  • Step 1a: Jürgen: Create a new document with chapter 4 as template (as google doc)
  • Including a draft scope and purpose of the document
  • Step 1b: Jürgen: Create doodle for date-finding for a dedicated TCon to the topic in early April.
  • Step 1c: In TCon: Agree on the document structure (chapters, etc.) and scope/purpose
  • Mandatory attendees are: Marco, Jürgen, Michael, Stephen and Jose
  • Step 2a: Parallel work until about May
  • Step 2b: Jacqueline, Leonidas and Simon will think on the topic from the pharmacy perspective
  • Step 2c: Jürgen: Create doodle for date-finding for a dedicated TCon to the topic in early May.
  • Mandatory attendees are: Marco, Jürgen, Michael, Stephen and Jose
  • This has been overruled by the decision later in "Medication Documentation Part 2: Data-sources and the according nature of the data"
  • Wait for the outcome of this action item

10:30 - 11:00 --- Break ---

10:00 - 10:30 Proposal for a "Unreconciled Medication List" profile

  • Identified issues/overlaps to PCC
  • QED profile: "Medication option"
  • Terms issues (Page 52): "All Medications", "Active Medication" -> problematic from a clinical point of view
  • Capable for service our "Unreconsiled Medication list" profile -> No?
  • RECON profiles
  • Page 11 shows an actor "Pharmacy" -> this has to be aligned with the real Pharmacy actors
  • Page 39: Data structure of reconciled medication data
  • Capable for service our "Unreconsiled Medication list" profile?
  • At least the sequence diagram is the same as ours (except the step 3 "Reconcile")
  • Proposal from an informatics point of view:
  • RECON profile contains the fundamental process of: Query data source - Cummulate data - Deliver it back
  • This fundamental process should be generalized in a new profile (without any content definitions, just process), and RECON should be reshaped that it re-uses this profile and additionally specifys the reconciliation step and the content definition of the result
  • Subsequently Pharmacy would rely on RECON for it's "Reconciled medication list" and would rely on the new base profile for the "Unreconciled medication list"
  • Concerning "Unreconsiled Medication List":
  • Plan A: Work together with PCC on the our proposal to restructure RECON
  • Plan B: Copy&Paste RECON and change it to our needs

12:00 - 12:30 Medication Documentation Part 2: Data-sources and the according nature of the data

  • Jose: Presents first draft (Excel)
  • This is exactly accoring to our decision above. Jose will continue extending the y-axis (vertical) of the excel with information elements derived of our (or other) IHE profiles (bottom-up approach)
  • In x-axis (horizontally) focus on the first column "Unreconciled Medication List"
  • All others (top-down approach) will try to fit into the same excel structure
  • Proceeding:
  • Create a google spreadsheet with following axes:
  • Vertical: "Information elements grouped by data source"
  • Horizontal: "Approaches"
  • Jose: Data elements available in IHE profiles (Pharmacy or others)
  • Jürgen: Austria requirements
  • Marco: Switzerland requirements
  • Michael: Netherlands requirements
  • Stephen: Australia(?) requirements
  • Common-set (derived from the others) -> This is our result and basis for the Content part of our profile
  • Next steps:
  • Jürgen: Create the google spreadsheet, just structure and headlines (asap)
  • Jose starts populating the vertical axis
  • All others try to fill in their requirements to the existing rows, and add additional lines, if not found
  • Formally:
  • Create action item "Populate speadsheet with information elements and coverage analysis" in both work-items
  • "Medication Documentation Part 1: Hierarchy/Definitions" (Jürgen, Michael, Marco, Stephen)
  • "Medication Documentation Part 2: Data-sources and the according nature of the data" (Jose)

12:30 - 13:30 --- Lunch ---

13:30 - 14:00 Joint Meeting with ITI

  • Information exchange with ITI
  • No current overlap
  • We keep in touch

14:00 - 15:30 Pharmacy Administration (Jürgen)

  • Jürgen: Draft profile to review
  • Reviewed and new version generated
  • Jürgen: Change proposal on CMPD introducing a Administration actor
  • Not processed due to time issues

15:30 - 16:00 --- Break ---

16:00 - 17:30 Joint meeting with PCC / QRPH

  • See point "Unreconciled medication list
  • Need drawing a borderline between responsibilites for
  • Immunizations
  • Immunization passport?
  • Medication sections in documents
  • Jürgen agrees to meet Keith Boone (PCC) to anaylse RECON profile for Unreconsiled Medication List

17:30 - 17:45 Any other business


17:45 - 18:00 Next meeting

Technical Committee TCon at May 2nd, 2013

Pharmacy Technical Committee