Pharm Tech Minutes 2012.08.06

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  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, co-chair IHE)
  • Costa Teixeira, Jose (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP, secretary IHE)
  • Robberecht, Marc (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Surugue, Jacqueline (EAHP, co-chair IHE)
  • Tzimis, Leonidas (EAHP)
  • Zanardini, Mauro (Arsenal.IT)


Approval of minutes of TCon Jun 19/20, 2012

Schedule 2012/2013

  • Concerning 1st F2F meeting in October 2012
  • IHE SC Meeting is at Oct 22nd
  • Preliminary decision to hold our F2F at the following dates
  • Day 1: Oct 23rd, Congress Center where the IHE SC meeting takes place
  • Jacqueline has already arranged the room
  • Day 2: Oct 24th, PHAST (together with HL7 Pharmacy)
  • Jürgen: Will check with HL7 Pharmacy and Phast about room availability
  • Concerning 2nd F2F meeting in spring 2013
  • Mauro reports that ITI/PCC/QRPH will meet in Italy at March 18-22, 2013
  • At Treviso, located and organized at ArsenalIT
  • Decisions:
  • Yes, we try to meet joint with ITI/PCC/QRPH in this week
  • Our meeting date: Mar 18-19, 2013
  • Jürgen will contact Celina Roth for organizing that
  • New version of schedule 0.4 uploaded

Vendor co-chair election

  • Jürgen applied for a second term
  • No other applications received
  • Voting currently in progress by doodle
  • Election ends at end of August

Profiles: Version 1.3 "ready to publish"

  • Profiles review
  • Community Medication Prescription and Dispense (CMPD)
  • Pharmacy Prescription (PRE)
  • Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Advice (PADV)
  • Pharmacy Dispense (DIS)
  • Hospital Medication Workflow (HMW)
  • Work-item "Harmonization in spelling": List of haromized terms
  • Prescription Placer
  • Pharmaceutical Adviser
  • Medication Dispenser
  • Prescription Repository
  • Dispensed Medication Repository
  • Pharmaceutical Advice Repository
  • Prescription Item
  • Dispense Item
  • Pharmaceutical Advice Item
  • use case
  • cancelation
  • Next steps
  • Submission to IHE International secretary for publishing today evening
  • Publication within the next weeks
  • After publishing, Jürgen requests the final (published) versions of the documents in DOC and PDF Format and puts it at the FTP

Next TCon

  • According to new schedule: Sep 27th, 2012
  • Call for proposals phase shall be started at Sep 1st, 2012 (ends at Sep 26th)
  • Jürgen sends out the email

Work-item status

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Medication catalog (e.g. Formulary)
  • Still active
  • Work in progress by Simon
  • Jose mentions that this work-item can be related to some of the NCPDP transactions
  • Distribution and supply of items (Marc, Simon)
  • Still active
  • Marc prepares a doodle for finding a date for a TCon
  • Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing
  • CPs positive balloted, work-item closed
  • HMW Exceptional cases
  • CPs positive balloted, work-item partly completed but not closed yet

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Make CMPD better readable
  • CP positive balloted, work-item closed
  • CMPD Exceptional cases and Refinement CMPD workflows
  • Still active, no new information
  • CMPD: XDW at CPM
  • Still active, waiting for "CMPD Exceptional cases"

  • Cross-domain and other
  • Medication Documentation
  • Jose is back and active in this work-item
  • Marc requests change of work-item lead from him to Jose
  • Decision: Approved
  • Use-case/CPs: Community – Hospital
  • Task missed "Jürgen will send the document to IHE Internation for PC publishing"
  • -> Jürgen will do as soon as possible
  • Reviewing comments at the beginning of season 2012/2013
  • Glossary work item
  • No new information
  • Harmonizing profiles in spelling
  • Harmonization done, work-item closed

Updates on other businesses to take care of

  • Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration)
  • Still active, no new information
  • Jürgen: PCD shall be contacted on how to continue with that
  • Marketing USA
  • No new information on NCPDP relation, Jürgen will re-activate this track
  • Marketing International
  • Jürgen talked to IHE Japan co-chair and showed IHE Pharmacy profiles to him
  • We will be contacted if there is a possibility to present somewhere in Japan or far east (e.g. at IHE Japan CAT)
  • Jose: Brazil has an urgent need in harmonization of standards
  • Keeps us informed if there is a chance to promote Pharmacy profiles
  • Jose: Would like to trigger the establishement of IHE in Portugese speaking countries (e.g. Portugal, Brazil)
  • If anyone is interested to join in this, or contributions of ideas how to accomplish this please contact Jose

Any other business

  • IHE International
  • Jürgen attended the IHE International Board "Strategic Retreat" as representative of the IHE Pharmacy domain
  • Date/Location: Chicago at Jul 12/13, 2012