Pharm Tech Minutes 2012.04.19

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  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, co-chair IHE)
  • Hafner, Viktor (Linden Apotheke)
  • Hay, Christian (GS1, IHE Suisse)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP)
  • Tzimis, Leonidas (EAHP)


Approval of minutes of TCon March 15, 2012

  • Approved


  • Critical Pharmacy vendor registration status
  • Any improvements of the situation?
  • No changes
  • Pharmacy VIP Tour status
  • Event has been cancelled
  • Report by Jürgen
  • Learnings:
  • Organization of such an event shall be started at the beginning of next season latest
  • A second cancellation would be a disaster -> assuring of internation participation in advance, before proclaiming the event
  • F2F meeting at Bern, Review of draft agenda
  • Christian Hay requests exchange of "HMW Exceptional cases" with "Distribution and supply of items" because he has to leave after lunch
  • Changes are already online
  • Agenda is considered as final (changes can still be requested by email to the group)

Report on active work items

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • HMW Exceptional cases (Marc)
  • Ready to be balloted, wait for other CPs
  • Distribution and supply of items (Marc, Simon)
  • Status?
  • Simon waits for feedback from Marc on use-cases
  • Marc not on TCon -> no new information
  • Medication catalog (e.g. Formulary) (Marc, Simon)
  • Status?
  • Marc not on TCon -> no new information
  • Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing (Marc)
  • Status?
  • Marc not on TCon -> no new information

  • Community Pharmacy
  • CMPD Exceptional cases and Refinement CMPD workflows (Jürgen)
  • TCon to that topic at April 11, 2012 had to be cancelled
  • Status?
  • Jürgen will propose new dates for the TCon via doodle
  • CMPD: XDW at CPM (Jürgen)
  • On hold until item "CMPD Exceptional cases and Refinement CMPD workflows" is completed
  • Make CMPD better readable (Jürgen)
  • Status?
  • Work in progress. Will be presented at F2F in Bern

  • Cross-domain and other
  • Use-case: Community – Hospital (Orlando)
  • Analysis if the use-case can be fulfilled by the current version of the profiles
  • Result: List of needed CPs to the profiles
  • Currently no leader for this work-item
  • Medication Documentation (Marc)
  • Status?
  • Marc and Marco both not on TCon -> no new information
  • Glossary work item (Marco)
  • Status?
  • Marco -> no new information
  • Harmonizing profiles in spelling (Jürgen, Marc)
  • Status?
  • Jürgen: Work in progress. Will be presented at F2F in Bern
  • Marc: not on TCon, no new information
  • Jürgen will ask Marc to also have that prepared for Bern

Incoming new proposals

  • Status
  • No new proposals

Updates on other businesses to take care of

  • Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration) (Vassil, Marc, Jürgen)
  • Todd contaced Jürgen with the information that PCD also deals with "drug library management as well as drug formulary management".
  • Jürgen will answer him, that we also have such a work-item and should proceed synchronized
  • Marketing USA (Jürgen, Charles Parisot, Ana, Marco, Scott, Vassil)
  • NCPDP annual meeting in May 7-10, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ
  • Marketing International
  • No new information

Schedule for season 2011/2012

  • Review of current schedule, any changes?
  • No reaction of NICTIZ so far. Jürgen will contact again to confirm the meeting place

Any other business