Pharm Tech Minutes 2011.12.15

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Webex T-Con 4:00 - 5:30 PM CET – Central European Time


  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, co-chair IHE)
  • Costa Teixeira, Jose (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Demarmels, Marco (Lake Griffin, LLC)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP, secretary)
  • Peytchev, Vassil (Epic)
  • Robberecht, Marc (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Robertson, Scott M (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Rodrigues, Orlando (Glintt)
  • Tzimis, Leonidas (EAHP)


Approvement of agenda

  • Approved

Approval of minutes of TCon Nov 17, 2011

Election of user co-chair

  • Problem 1: User co-chair should have been voted in November 2011 (which has already passed). To make an election now would require a “call for candidates” period for at least 4 weeks AND a “voting period” for again 4 weeks which would result in a new co-chair in February 2012 soonest.
  • Problem 2: Co-chair election should generally be moved to August, because it makes sense to let the new co-chair start by a new season (and not in the middle)
2 variants to resolve that:
  1. Either elect “as soon as possible” to hold by Jacqueline’s 2-year duty, but thereby shorten the period of the next user co-chair for letting it end in August 2013
  2. Move the election to August 2012, thereby extending the period of both the current co-chairs, but being on the right schedule for all future co-chairs
  • There are no policies applied on us how to resolve this, although IHE has a “usual” IHE election-proceeding. Domains like ours, which have gone through a heavy and intensive startup-phase are allowed to make their own decisions how to transit to the “usual” IHE procedure.
  • Decision: This matter will be decided by Doodle, because there are no clear arguments for either the one or the other solution. The approach, which gets the most votings will be taken.

Season 2010/2011

Profile publishing status

  • PRE/PADV/DIS: CPs incorporated and sent to Mary for final review and publishing
  • HMW: CPs incorporation in progress
  • CMPD: Ballot #2 in progress until Dec 19, incorporation starts immediately afterwards


Release within this year!! Mary is informed.

Schedule for season 2011/2012

  • Minor changes due to errors:
  1. June 6th (is a Wednesday) to Thursday June 7th
  2. August 15th (public holiday day) to Thursday August 16th
  • Proposal: Outlook invitations for all events will be sent out now and updated again just before the actual event
  • Approved

Roadmap and strategic planning

Information generated by Jürgen for DCC and sent out to group

  • Roadmap: This document outlines goals and plans over the next 5-10 years and is available here : PHARM_Roadmap.

Strategic planning activities

  • Jose/Scott: Suggestion to add a possibility for members to send proposals or ideas for the roadmap/strategic to collect until they are processed
  • Simon will create a Google-Doc for collection
  • Simon: Suggestion: Put it on the agenda of every(!) F2F meeting
  • Approved

Report to IHE International Board

Work items


Medication Documentation

  1. Editor: Marc
  2. Contributors: Jose, Marco, Stephen, Ellen (Ana steps out)
  3. Status?
  • No new activities

Use-case: Community – Hospital

  1. Editor: Orlando
  2. Contributors: Leonidas, Sebastiao, Viktor
  3. Status?
  1. New version of use-cases have been put on the FTP. Use-cases are quite complete in this version.
  2. Comments requested until Jan 20, 2012
  3. Subsequently discussion at F2F in Paris

Incoming new

HMW Exceptional cases

  1. 3 CPs received
  1. Proposal editor: Marc
  2. Decision: Marc will refine the titles


  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen
  3. Decision: Proposal editor shall provide a more detailed proposal

Refinement CMPD workflows

  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen
  3. Decision: Proposal editor shall provide a more detailed proposal

Distribution and supply of items (former: Hospital medication supply chain logistic)

  2. Proposal editor: Jose, Simon
  3. Contributors: Ana (can provide use-cases), Ellen, Marc, Marco
  4. Decision: Proposal editors shall provide more details about the use-cases targeted

CMPD Exceptional cases

  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen
  3. Contributors: Viktor
  4. Decision: Proposal editor shall provide a more detailed proposal

Proposal: “Medication catalog (e.g. Formulary)”

  2. Proposal editors: Jose, Simon
  3. Decision: Proposal editors shall provide more details about the use-cases targeted

Proposal: “Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing”

  2. Proposal editor: Eric Poiseau
  3. Decision: Jose/Marc will divide this proposal to figure out, what could be turned into CPs or what requires some extra work

For all incoming proposals

All proposal editors shall take care that they choose the right template for their proposals:

  • Change proposal: Take this, if the request will most likely lead to a change in a current profile
  • New work item: Take this, if your proposal will most likely lead to a new profile (e.g. if you want to cover a new use-case)
  • If you are not sure where your request will lead to, also choose the new work item template

All proposal editors shall take care that in IHE everything is strictly “use-case” driven

  • Therefore always include a detailed use-case description in the proposal (unless it’s a CP which deals with obvious things like typos, errors, etc.)

Other business to take care of:

Glossary work item

  1. Group: Marco, Jacqueline + HL7 Pharmacy group
  2. Status?
  • Google doc for collecting terms together with HL7:
  • Currently no deadline agreed
  • Contributions can be made by sending them to the IHE-Pharmacy list -> Marco is the link to HL7 and will forward it

Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration)

  1. Group: Vassil, Marc, Jürgen
  2. Status?
  • Jürgen contacted Todd, he will search for a work-item leader in PCD
  • Jose: DICOM WG6 deals with the same topic (contrast administration). This should be monitored.
  • Jose is in the group, will make sure that it is monitored

Marketing USA

  1. Group: Jürgen, Charles Parisot, Ana, Marco, Scott, Vassil
  2. Status?

Other IHE domains

  • Other IHE domains (especially ITI, PCC, QRPH which meet in Paris) will be informed by Jürgen
  • Will be sent to the co-chairs directly, as soon as possible


  • Contact person identified: Sandy Vance
  • Already contacted by Jürgen

HL7 Meeting January

  • Scott Robertson will be there, will try to make it visible to the HL7 membership


  • Scott is in the NCPDP Board of trustees
  • There is a NCPDP meeting in February: Scott Robertson will do in the same manner as in HL7
  • Jürgen will provide a few slides and send them around for general use

Any other business

  • Information: At Dec 16, 2011 a conference will be held in Treviso/IT about XDW. In the afternoon Jürgen presents the CMPD use-case (via tele-presence).
  • Jürgen: The last 2 meetings exceeded time to about 2 hours. It’s not possible to process the agenda in a smooth way.
We should consider extending the TCons to at least 2 hour duration
  • Vassil: Will there be a doodle-call for participation in the next F2F?
Yes, Simon will provide that