Pharm Tech Minutes 2011.11.10

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'Medication Documentation white paper' dedicated Tcon

Webex T-Con 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CET – Central European Time


  • Stephen Chu ( NEHTA - AUSTRALIA)
  • Marco Demarmels (Lake Griffin - SWITZERLAND)
  • Ana Estelrich (Phast - FRANCE)
  • Simon Letellier (EAHP - FRANCE)
  • Vassil Peytchev (EPIC - USA)
  • Marc Robberecht (Agfa Healthcare - BELGIUM)

Objectives of this TCon

  • a) sharpen the scope and objectives of this whitepaper
  • b) find out whether we are working on a topic with practical value (cf. use cases)
  • c) if so, how to proceed / adapt to the tightened TC schedule
  • d) decide whether or not we submit a CP and in which IHE Domain (PCC or Pharmacy or ..)
  • e) have a message ready for the IHE Pharmacy TCon next week (Nov 17)

Agenda and results

  1. Current state of the WP (Marco, Ana)
    • The lead for this topic has temporarily been transferred to Marco Demarmels due to Jose's current worklad/company requirements. Jose may take over again later. Marc Robberecht replaces Jose for the time being.
    • Ana has done considerable housekeeping in the document, such that version 0.5 became readable again
    • If we decide to turn the WP into a change proposal, we should do so until Nov 30, in order to meet the current work plan and have the CP ready by end of Aug 2012, provided that it is going to be a CP in the IHE Pharmacy Domain at all.
  2. Purpose of the WP (Marco)
    • We have at least enough titles of use cases but no detailed descriptions to them yet. Stephen confirms that we are dealing with a real-world problem that deserves our attention. (b)
    • Stephen infers from our discussion and from the text that we are not clear enough about scope and objectives and volunteers to write some clarifying paragraphs. (a)
    • We agree that we are not in the position to talk about any CP, as long as scope and objectives of our topic are not clearly defined yet. (c+d)
    • We continue to work on the topic in the state of a WP. (e)
  3. Relation of the WP to PCC Medication Reconciliation / Query Existing Data (Marco)
    • there are analogies and similarities to IHE PCC RECON: they also deal with reconciliation of data from different sources into a consolidated representation. Stephen: ok for a brainstorming and a hint for future investigation, as soon as scope and objectives are very clear.
  4. Walk through the new version (Ana)
    • skipped, no time left
  5. Action
    • Stephen completes the WP in the coming days
    • Tom to discuss detailed use cases with HL7 Pharmacy WG. Tom was not on the call but confirmed this task via e-mail later.
    • Marco to start publishing terminology for coordination with HL7 Pharmacy WG
  6. Check TCon objectives
    • all met