Pharm Tech Minutes 2011.11.07

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CMPD v2 (XDW workflow) Tcon


  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, Vendor co-chair)
  • Cocchiglia, Arianna (Arsenal.IT)
  • de Jong, Tom (Nova Pro)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP, secretary)
  • Parisot, Charles (GE)
  • Peytchev, Vassil (Epic)
  • Poiseau, Eric (INRIA)
  • Robertson, Scott (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Zalunardo, Luca (Arsenal.IT)


CMPD Volume 1

Open issue
  • Grouping of XDW with the Community Pharmacy Manager (CPM)
  • What if the client-side actors (prescription placer, pharmaceutical adviser, medication dispenser) are not allowed to manage the workflow and this should be done bt the CPM ?
  • CPM can't really do the right update in the current version. can't do updates of the XDW documents.
  • leave this point as an open issue ==> reported to next season

Closed issue

The transient aspects of "ordering" are excluded in the profile. Will be discussed later with all others workflows XDW-based.

Enhance the table 2-1
  • reference to XDW inserted
table 4.2.1
  • reference to Workflow Management inserted and no option defined for the CPM.
  • Addition of a paragraph on "Workflow Management Option"
  • Addition of the chapter 4.3 CMPD Actor Groupings and Profile Interactions
  • Now CMPD process flow have 2 scenarios:
1) including a validation step by a pharmaceutical adviser (technically supported explicit validation)
2) NOT including a validation step by a pharmaceutical adviser

VERY IMPORTANT : Any software implementation of the CMPD profile have to be able to operate in both workflow scenarios.

Use cases

the story board is now duplicate with one "with validation step" and the new one "without validation step". The new sequence diagramm is much simplier without Pharmaceutical adviser.

Changes in CMPD Volume 2

  • Changes in the queries.
  • The business rules are more precise, specially for "FindPrescriptionsForDispense", depend on scenario.
  • NEW chapter 4 Workflow definitions
For the moment, only the prescription placer can initiate a workflow, but CMPD is ready for the introduction of the exceptional cases (next season).
OTC dispense is an atomic event and don't require a workflow.
Workflow task definition
  • Ordering
  • Validation
  • Dispensing

Several tasks for each prescription , because there is a task for each prescription item.

Each item dispensed need a validation, because context or prescription could have changed between two dispensations.

For the moment, reference of a task to another task is not clearly defined in the OASIS human tasks used by XDW. wait for CP in XDW. Preferably, no use of sub-tasks to avoid complexity.

Common attributes of the XDW workflow documents

To initiate a workflow, the "ordering" task will have a task ID, a unique ID for each instance of the task. One ID for one task.

  • The typeCode in the XDWDocumentEntry attribute is used to define the workflow expected : scenario 1 or scenario 2.
  • The demo complete XML documents will be available in the annexes.

Flags from XDW are the most important feature.

They are needed to define a prescription as dispensed, or completely dispensed and closed.

It's a crucial point and where will be the real benefit of the use of XDW for CMPD.

It will use eventCodeList and need a clear list of event codes.

If the Event code is leaved empty, when the workflow is open.

  • Jürgen will precise the codes of the event tasks
  • Luca will sent examples
  • Jürgen will finish dispensing task section.

And after , will be sent to the group for a last review before go to a 2 weeks ballot in december.

Better late than postpone to the next season.

Charles join.

Jürgen summarizes the discussion from the beginning.

Just have to be very careful to obtain a validation of the group on major questions before going to ballot.