Pharm Tech Minutes 2010.12.20

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Participant list

  • Jürgen Brandstätter, CodeWerk, Austria
  • Jacqueline Surugue, EAHP, France
  • Jose Costa Teixeira, Agfa Healthcare
  • Marc Robberecht, Agfa Healthcare
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP, France
  • Viktor Hafner, Austria
  • Stephen Chu, NeHTA, Australia
  • Leonidas Tzimis, EAHP, Greece

Comments processed

GoTo Meeting TCon Dec 20., 2010, 21:00 – 23:00 (UTC+1)


  • Siemens

IHE Pharmacy group can't wait 2 years for the release of CDAv3.

Important characteristics of CDAv2 are :

- persistance of information

- authentication

This also a requirement : so we use it.

We ackowledge that CDA is NOT intended to manage the workflow,

which will be managed using XDW profile.

on Common part (second part)

  • NeHTA Australia

on HMW

  • Jose Costa Teixeira (on spec. section 4.3.1)

Discussion on 'dispense' / allocate / assign / supply / deliver / distribute

  • Frank Oemig