Pharm Tech Minutes 2010.10.28

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Participant list

  • Jürgen Brandstätter, CodeWerk, Austria
  • Jose Costa Teixeira, Agfa Healthcare, Portugal
  • Thierry Geraud, CareFusion, France
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP, France
  • Luca Zalunardo, Arsenàl, Italy


  • Geert Claeys, Agfa Healthcare, Belgium
  • Jacqueline Surugue, EAHP, France
  • Charles Parisot, GE Healthcare, USA

Technical part

Pharmacy Profile Development

The Public Comment phase begin next week. All documents are submitted to Mary Jungers.

They will be published on the website.

The forum is half created. And the form for comment is provided.

For the next T-Conf, we need a webconference with a desktop sharing system, and plan 2 hours in order to review all the comments and documents before they were fix for one year at a version for trial implimentation.

Preparation of the Connectathon in Pisa

  • need to talk to Eric Poiseau
  • need to find test partners for CMPD and HMW

Planning part

Organization of the next webmeeting

Plan a new date for the next meeting : Friday December 3rd from 17:00 to 19:00.