Pharm Tech Minutes 2010.05.27

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IHE Pharmacy T-Con May 27th 2010

  • F2F meeting in Paris : profiles developments
  • F2F meeting in Paris : logistics and schedule


  • Jürgen Brandstaetter, Codewerk, Austria
  • Geert Claeys, Agfa Healthcare
  • José António Costa Teixeira, Agfa Healthcare
  • Thierry Geraud, Carefusion, France
  • Isabelle Gibaud, SIB, France
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP
  • Vassil Peytchev, Epic Systems
  • Scott M Robertson, Kaiser Permanente
  • Jacqueline Surugue, IHE-Europe Steering Committee, France
  • Leonidas Tzimis, EAHP, Greece


Profile template ==> IHE model profile

Profile developments

Some points may change and may be discussed

Volume 3 will add content from EpSOS and others ressources

Community is XDS/CDA document based, HL7v3 standard based Hospital is message based.

Cross looking but merge Community and Hospital

Need clarificationon HMW ==> will be discussed at the F2F meeting. Ex : prescription in active substance vs product brand name

-- where the information come from ? --

Nurses start to administer medications from unitcare stock, without waiting a resupply of this stock.

Action item : share the TF documents before the F2F meeting , before next webnesday onth IHE FTP site.

Community pharmacy : center around

Business logic around a central repository on consumer side.


--> query prescriptions
--> retrieve prescriptions

Volume 1 : Use Cases (particulars)

Volume 2 : Transactions (detailled messages and documents)

CMPD profile

Strongly link to EpSOS reviewing materials

Searching NON EU inputs

Asking Scott Robertson for USA input Input from canadian model ?

Need to ask IHE Canada to provide some feedbacks.

Australia ?

About white paper AND the 2 profiles.

There are 5 or 6 WHO regions in the world.

Action item : Jacqueline will contact European delagates, and WHO global aera.

Questions from Portugal will sended in CC to the IHE Pharmacy.

Jacqueline will receive representatives from EPIC.

Roadmap on 2nd day (1 hour)

Links with others IHE domains

Logistics for IHE Pharmacy f2f meeting

Viktor Hafner have already book travel for F2F meeting day 2 So we don't change the previous agenda :

Day 1, monday : HMW hospital medication workflow profile Day 2, tuesday : CMPD community medication prescription and dispense profile

User Cochair, Jacqueline Surugue, will only join on Tuesday.

Invitation email will be sended.

Brussels meeting will be in September. Some people want to book travel soon.

Action item : Geert and Jacqueline will ask for Diamant Building (Marie-Astrid) or EAHP offices.