Pharm Tech Minutes 2009.06.10

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1) epSOS

A large project in Europe with a part on ePrescription. Documents Find contact points

Check usecases, looking for standard choices

Have to follow this effort.

2) Participation & agenda

Active participation ? NICTIZ it's in debate, not technical enough. The same debate exist in AGFA.

Find a date for next F2F meeting

Using Doodle

3) Co-chairs election

There is NO leadership on IHE Pharmacy. Need to have elections as soon as possible.

 1) user : a sponsorship pharmacist
 2) vendor : someone from vendors

Who vote ? Who can be candidate ? Who can be elected ? All must be checked for property rights, and intellectual property issues. ==> in September

Next T-Conf : July 9th 16h00:17h00