Pharm Tech Agenda 2018.05.18

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Meeting details

Agenda Joint meeting ISO, HL7, IHE, GS1

Friday, 18th May 2018, 9:00-16:00 CET

Registration site:

GS1 Knowledge Center
Maarweg 133
50825 Köln, Germany
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WebEx details:

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Webex Meeting number: 230 163 049

Morning session

Medication Knowledge topic

  • Introduction from each SDO about their projects.
  • FHIR Medication Knowledge resource
  • Medication logical model & IDMP resources
  • Relationship to IDMP, BR&R FHIR resources
  • Clinical Decision Support:
  • ISO/NP/DTS 22756 Requirements for a knowledge base for clinical decision support systems.
  • HL7 project from Clinical Decision Support WG to create FHIR drug interactions resource(s)

Afternoon Session

Tracking and Tracing Topic

  • IHE Profiles of Medication Administration and barcoding.
  • Status and outstanding work and intentions for the coming period
  • Supply of medication and devices,
  • Upcoming regulations on traceability.
  • ISO/NP/DTS 23261 'Requirements for accessing digital medicinal products information by using the existing data carrier’.
  • Adverse Drug(Event) reporting during nursing rounds. Canadian project HL7v3 ADR

SDO Collaboration

  • Collaboration between HL7 and IHE.
  • IHE Board and HL7 Board strategy.
  • Tasks and roles, including ISO, GS1.

Updates from HL7:

  • CDA universal templates for Medication sections/entries.
  • Impact on IPS, IHE profiles.

Pharmacy Technical Committee