Pharm Tech Agenda 2013.10.03

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Review and Approve Agenda

Approval of minutes

  • F2F meeting Jun 10/12, 2013 (postponed at last TCon)
  • TCon Aug 06, 2013

Cycle 2012/2013

  • Publishing status of profiles

Schedule 2013/2014

  • Current schedule
  • Vienna
  • Date of Joint Meeting of ITI/PCC/QRPH moved to Feb 10-14, 2014(!!!)
  • Decision about how we proceed: (1) Align to ITI/PCC/QRPH in Feb or (2) Meet stand-alone in April
  • Michael is staying in touch with ISO to plan the joint meeting in April 2014
  • Planning next F2F in Paris
  • Confirmation of the dates
  • Confirmation of location at Phast's office

Domain Milestone Dates

Incoming Proposals

  • Medication List (Jürgen)
  • Action item of last dedicated TCon at Aug 21: Review of proposal and request for approvement

Work on work-items

  • Status of Medication Management ( Concepts & Definitions)
  • Admission & Discharge process in Hospital/ Community

Action item status

Work- and Action-items list

Any other business

Next TCon

Pharmacy Technical Committee