Pharm Tech Agenda 2011.10.13

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Welcome and round of introduction (5min)

Overview and (short) introduction about the topic (15min max.)

  • Status in PHARM (Jürgen) - attached picture will be shown and explained
  • Status in PCD (Todd?)

Start of discussion

  • Overlaps and boundaries?
  • Questions of Todd:
  • The infusion-related systems that PCD profiles support include: BCMA (for point-of-care 5 rights verification), eMAR (for capturing when an administration is started) and a flow sheet / chart (time based chart that enables clinicians to view parameters from multiple sources - including devices - at a point in time)
  • Do you use similar systems in Europe?
  • Are there similar or additional systems that you use?
  • Examples of real-world systems that implement the Pharmacy domain actors?
  • Do you know of any differences between Pharmacy system integration / medication administration support in Europe vs. the U.S.?