Pharm Tech Agenda 2011.05.24

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May 24. 2011, 12:00 – 13:30 Brussels time


Details to F2F Meeting 28.-29.06.2011 in Vienna (10 min)

High-Priority Workpackages: Status overview

Workflow/XDW (Jürgen)(5 min )
Query Current Medication (Jose)(5 min )
Use-case: Community – Hospital, Step 1 (Orlando)(5 min )
HMW Exceptional cases, Step 1 (Marc, Leonidas)(5 min )
CMPD Exceptional cases, Step 1 (Jürgen, Leonidas)(5 min )

Work on workpackages

Query Current Medication - Evaluation of problem statement, check if road ahead is clear, and define approach to be taken and first scope to achieve (main discussion)
See preparation of Marco as basis of this discussion (sent on the Google Group)

Additional topics

Discussions with HL7 order and Pharmacy groups (5 min, Jose)
Impressions of HL7 Pharmacy meeting (Tom, Ana if available)