Pharm Tech Agenda 2010.09.17

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Current participants

  • Charles Parisot,
  • Michiel Sprenger,
  • Geert Claeys,
  • Luca Zalunardo,
  • Arianna Cocchiglia
  • Jürgen Brandstätter


Detailed discussion about CMPD (especially the Community Pharmacy Manager).

Question to clarify

Shall the CPM just be a filtering actor or shall it also intercept standard XDS transactions between client actors and the repositories for allowing any kind of business logic or status management?

This topic is a fundamental architectural question and it must be decided at this TCon latest!

Contact Jûrgen for the Webex link to online meeting. Please note that attendance to this TCon is limited to computer access (no dial-in!).

The current CMPD draft version (with interception part) as background information. The relevant chapters/pages for this meeting

· Chapter 4.1, Actor diagram, page 5

· Chapter, Sequence diagram, page 13

· Chapter 4.5, CMPD Implementation scenarios, page 15