Pharm Plan Minutes 2020.10.02

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  • Participants
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Esther Peelen
    • Michael Tan (scribe)

  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Minutes previous meetings:

  • minutes approved and action items checked

Work Item Proposals 2020- 2021


  • This will be the main work item for the period 2020-2021
    • The team has been working on a logical ( abstract) model. These are represented in FHIR resources.
    • One of the logical models is an inventory report. This could lead to new FHIR resource.
    • FHIR resources have been proposed to HL7 ( O&O).
    • One important issue is which FHIR resource to use to represent a product. There are multiple solutions.
    • This problem has been escalated to the JIC ( joint initiative council).
    • The directors will come with a proposal for the approach of this issue.
    • Esther has discussed this topic with Christian Hay and he has introduced Marco Schwarzenbach from the GDSN.(This is a network to exchange product information.)
  • The FHIR implementation guide is pending on this issue being solved. There is already a draft for the implemenation guide.
  • Target date for the planning is July 2021.
  • The implementation guide will cover the 3 transactions. Normally HL7 does not cover the workflow in their IG, but this is an essential element in an IHE profile. Therefore IHE Pharmacy will add the workflow processes into the FHIR IG.


  • Belgium will be working on an IHE profile on vaccinations. This profile is for the Child Health services for pediatrics. However the vaccinations are not restricted only to children. It is especially under attention because of the Corona crisis.
  • Netherlands is also extending their vaccination program to provide data to patients in their Personal Healthcare Environment. (PHR). This will also be using FHIR resources to feed the PHR's. This program has just recently started.
  • Switzerland has also a project on vaccinations. A central (national) system do exists. An exports of the current vaccinations is being implemented based on a CDA document (standardized at national level - CDA-CH-VACD).

Medication lists

  • The medication list will generate maintenance activities. There will be change proposals for the maintenance.
  • One new transaction has to be introduced, which will be Pharm-5. This will be the biggest part of the work. This will be almost like Pharm-1, but will be using HMD instead of XDS.
  • Switzerland has had a projectathon where medication list was the focus (modification of a medication list through PADV and MTP documents).
  • We need to clear up the models of CDA and FHIR.
  • Gazelle tools need to be able to validate FHIR as well as CDA.
  • The EPR should support both standards. The target is to go live mid 2021 in certain Cantons, for example Geneva.
  • Plan it for the October session and also invite Oliver Egger. action Michael
  • Jose mentions that Belgium is also picking up a Medication list. He has advised them to look into IHE Pharmacy Medication lists.

Planning Meeting

F2F meetings

  • Autumn F2F 22-23 October.
    • Michael has set up the initial agenda. Please review the proposed agenda.
  • IHE World Summit is postponed.
    • national events are taking place F2F.
    • connectathon is virtual.
    • General assembly may be mixed. Planned for Friday 6 november. To be confirmed.
    • webinars are also being considered.

Any other business

  • The next Technical committee meeting might collide with the general assembly. Need to check later on.
  • GS1 healthcare conference is planned 17-19 November. This takes place twice a year. Esther will send a link. action Esther

Pharmacy Technical Committee