Pharm Plan Minutes 2019.10.29

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Louis Pradel Hospital
meeting room n° 3, 10th floor
Groupement Hospitalier Est
59 Boulevard Pinel
69677, BRON Cedex, Lyon

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Webex link

WebEx Online: 233 300 764

Audio : +44-203-478-5289 UK Domestic Toll

Entry code: 233 300 764

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09:00 - 09:15 Welcome

  • Participants
    • Simon Letellier
    • Jacqueline Surugue
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Esther Peelen ( remote)
    • Marc Robberecht ( remote)
    • Leonidas Tzimis (remote)
    • Michael Tan

9:15- 10:00 Marketing and Promotion

  • Esther is now chair of the marcom of IHE Europe.
    • the co-chairs have split tasks and each person has a seperate focus.
    • Esther is focusing on coordination and strategy
    • Question on the direction in Netherlands as well as IHE Europe.
  • How to attract more people to IHE Pharmacy
  • Broadcast our message from IHE Pharmacy
  • Discussion to engage in a webinar-series (Esther)
    • agree that promotion material would be necessary.
    • interviews with stakeholders. ( users/ vendors).
    • article to support the presentation of Leonidas at Goteborg.
    • Jacqueline has written a paper ( plea) on interoperability for the e-health week. (Decision Sante )
    • Jacqueline will send the document.
    • Jacqueline is also looking for the old video from IHE Pharmacy in 2009. ( Cento Cento).
    • Next week there will be a meeting of IHE Europe.
    • Goals will be presented
    • Survey will be held to find out what support is required.
    • Marketing manager will have to implement the strategy. Currently 4 candidates.
  • Work on webinar concept (Esther)

10:15 - 10:45 FHIR strategic discussion

  • Jose has provided a lot of idea's and input on IHE Publication approach, but he has received little support from IHE.
  • The good will is present, but it does not materialize in decisions.
  • HL7 is more open for his suggestions, but that is also because HL7 has a technical director ( Grahame Grieve) and a CTO ( Wayne Kubrick) who have the authority to make decisions.
  • IHE is lacking the ability to make decisions.
  • Governments like Germany see no need in IHE, because HL7 provides enough validation possibilities.
  • Cross border topics like IPS or EVC could contain new opportunities for IHE.

11:00- 11:45 CP 141 preprescription update

  • The CP has to go into ballot. Jose has not performed this task.
  • Stephane has added 3 scenario's to the profile. The 3d scenario's is the preferred scenario.
  • After discussion about exceptional status of dispenses not fullfilled we vote to go into ballot with the CP.
  • The group has approved unanimously in favor of the updated proposal.
  • IHE Pharmacy will put this CP141 into ballot.
  • Jose has to approach Mary to put out the ballot.
  • action Jose.

11:45 - 12:30 Maintenance of MMA

  • Review of profiles, identify sections of improvement.
  • The updated material from Sardegna is still on the laptop of Jose.
  • We lacked the time to look further into the Word document.
  • Jose prefers to switch to the new publication method.

12:30 - 13:00 --- Lunch ---

13:00 - 14:00 Supply topics

  • Should we consider other standards than GS1. For example UBL? Christian Hay has opposed to this, becasue it is not explained any further in the white paper.
  • Proposal to publish the whitepaper of Supply.
  • A whitepaper does not need to be balloted, but we can invite people to give comment.
  • Vote on the publication: 8 approve, no abstentions and no one oppose.
  • Next step is for Jose to Mary Jungers to publish the whitepaper.
  • Jose will ask Mary what the procedure is to publish for public comment.
  • The other members would like to know when they can spread the white paper.
  • Need to attract attention for the supply whitepaper at the EAHP.

14:00 - 15:30 Medication Lists

  • Medication Lists FHIR profiles
  • Australia has published a FHIR profile of medication list for my Medication list. This is shown as an example.
  • We should start with ISO DTR 20381 as a basis to make functional requirements with functional models.
  • What purpose would these functional models fulfill? According to Jose this would provide clarification on the definitions of components and requirements of medication lists.
  • The ISO documents of TS_19293 do already provide clear definitions on prescriptions and dispenses.
  • Jose will write a new work item proposal.
  • Michael is not convinced of the necessity of this content profile, but will not block the project.
  • Stephane will try to convince Swiss partners to fund the project.

15:30 - Adjourn

Pharmacy Planning Committee