Pharm Plan Minutes 2018.10.17

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09:00 - 09:30 Welcome

  • Participants
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Jose Costa Teixiera
    • Jacqueline Surugue
    • Esther Peelen
    • Michael Tan
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approval of minutes
    • Simon has contacted PHAST
    • Francois Macary has replied that PHAST will terminate their sponsorship temporarily.
    • We have lost the Webex facility, but we have other backups to facilitate the calls.

9:30 -11:30 Planning Schedule and NWI

The planning schedule has been updated. Juergen will inquire with university of Vienna about the February meeting.

Second choice could be Rotterdam. If Vienna is no option Michael could ask Erik Zwarter if Erasmus University has options.

New work items

  • The Workitem proposal for the ADR is discussed and approved by the team. Project lead Michael
  • The topic will be discussed on Thursday.
  • We consider this subject as an IHE Pharmacy profile, but we will involve PCC on this topic.
  • This has to mentioned at the next IHE DCC call. action Michael
  • PCC has a project on devices. We will do a review on their profile and add a link to UBP from their profile. This will lead to change proposal.

  • The Immunization might be a new Work Item, but this depends on the approval of this project. Project lead will be Juergen.
  • Another possible new work item is a pre-prescription where the medication is already supplied prior to the prescription and where the prescription comes afterwards. This could be an amendment to the CDA profile or included in a new profile using FHIR. Project lead Stephane.
  • Another project is reconsidering the existing IHE profiles to complement the existing transactions with FHIR transactions. Countries that already have implemented CDA are not likely to change to FHIR. We will therefore exploit both standards. Project lead Jose.

11:30-11:45 Coffee break

11:45- 13:00 Gemini project Immunization

  • 5 area of collaboration. See slides from Juergen.
  • has been chosen as an independant platform to publish.
  • 2 possible pilot projects:
    • radiology ( US based)
    • Immunization
  • IHE will formulate the global common requirements.
  • Juergen has presented this as well in the European Commission roundtable.
  • Current status is waiting for approval from a donor country, who is willing to fund this project.
  • Interested prospects:
    • Vietnam
    • Nepal ( donor is GIZ) ( Geneva has also contacts with certain regions in Nepal)
    • PATH ( Charity project in Africa)
    • Austria
    • Japan
    • Switzerland
    • Unicef
    • CDC
    • RIVM ( Public Health NL: this is a government organization and the lead person is also HL7 NL board member).
  • We will start with Vietnam and Nepal and extend the group with other parties.
  • This is projected for spring 2019.
  • HL7 will be be represented by 2 HL7 persons.
  • Should FIP be involved? Patronage from FIP would strengthen the initiative from IHE Pharmacy. The next meeting will be in 2019 and Jacqueline will mention this topic. Action Jacqueline

13:00 - 14:00 --- Lunch ---

14:00 - 14:30 FHIR publication / Resources

  • The FHIR Publication team is in favour of using the HL7 Implementation Guide publisher.
  • Editors should work in a user friendly environment without technical knowledge
  • the content will have a fixed layout. All products must have the same layout.
  • A tool from Grahame creates the implementation guide.
  • Jose has submitted a request at the This has to be accesible, but to this moment the FHIR publication team has had no reply.
  • The request is waiting for action from Chris Carr.
  • Jose will also provide instructions how to use the tool.
  • IHE wants a comprehensive package of publication, which includes maintenance, governance, education, funding and present this to board.
  • Juergen suggests that a project lead is required. Jose is willing to take the lead, if funding could be found.
  • Michael will raise awareness in the DCC group of the slow progress FHIR publication group. Action Michael

14:30 - 16:30 Actions on MMA UBP

Implementation of MMA

  • UDI is implemented in different countries.
  • MMA requires barcodes on medication. Pharmaceutical industry has to make this possible.
  • We will organize a hackathon during the HL7 NL working group meeting.
  • IHE Poland is experimenting with the UBP profile.
  • Eshter has involved Christian Hay to promote the IHE Pharmacy profiles.
  • Rachel presents the value propositions voor Healthcare providers, IT vendors and SHO's.
  • Other IHE members are invited to provide comments on the value propositons.
  • Please review the value proposition before the next call in November.

Adjustments on MMA

  • Page 45 for the user is not visible which FHIR resource is used. This could be solved with a link to the FHIR resource.
  • The technical representation is not clear in the message semantics. This could be in a table. (page 45).
  • It is also not in the same sequence as the FHIR resource.
  • The IF THEN ELSE text are too long and we should transform it into a table. For example line 1260.
  • These adjustments are urgent. Marc will adjust the text. Action Marc
  • Small constraints are mixed with more general constraints. These constraints should be grouped.
  • The constraints on the patients are more strict in the CDA version than the FHIR requirements.
  • However CDA should be considered as a self contained object, while in FHIR this is not necessarily so.
  • Review MMA with feedback from SILA. Changes required for publication.

16:30 - Adjourn

Pharmacy Technical Committee