Pharm Plan Minutes 2015.10.29

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Meeting details

Thursday, 29 October 2015, 10:00 CET

Bio Tech Center 9 Chemin des Mines 1202 Geneva Meeting room number G6-02

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10:00 - 10:30 Welcome

  • Participants
  • Simon Letellier
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Jacqueline Surugue
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Jose Costa Texeira
  • Michael Tan
  • Stefan Buser (guest)
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved
  • Approval of minutes of Planning Committee TCon on Sep 22
  • Approved

10:30 - 10:45 Planning season 2015-2016, Pre-work

  • Possible Joint meeting with HL7/ISO?
  • Michael: They are positive, but it's a matter of funding.
  • Jürgen: Possibility to group it with e-HealthWeek is unrealistic, because Mon Jun 6th will be a GDC meeting, Tue/Wed Jun 7-8 is IHE World Summit, Wed-Fri Jun 8-10 is e-HealthWeek
  • We need an event to group with in Europe (or US?)
  • Med-e-Tel conference, Luxembourg, Apr 6-8, 2016 -> Tuesday, Apr 5, 2016
  • Connectathon EU, Bochum, Apr 11-15, 2016
  • HIMSS US, Feb 29 - Mar 4, 2016, Las Vegas
  • Action item: Survey the following questions with ISO / HL7 (Michael):
  • 1) Do it on the Sunday before e-HealthWeek (Jun 5th, 2016) or after e-HealthWeek has ended?
  • 2) Group it with Med-e-Tel or CAT Bochum?
  • 3) Group it with an event in NA (Problem: few of IHE will come, ISO?)
  • 3rd F2F meeting
  • Date already fixed on Jun 28/29
  • Vote for "Vienna" as location
  • Approved
  • Action item: Organize meeting (Jürgen)

10:45 - 11:15 Pending work items

  • Pending changes to profiles CMPD / PML / MTP (Juergen)
  • Austrian ELGA specification fixed -> no changes to profiles expected by that
  • Implementation of MTP in Swiss Post will bring up some changes to MTP (to be seen)
  • Medication Administration (in current CMPD landscape)
  • Swiss (Stephane)
  • right now uses PADV for comments on administration by nurses
  • True documentation of administration is not planned right now
  • Austria (Jürgen)
  • No pressure right now from that side, all forces bound by implementation of the current specification (at least next few years)
  • Netherlands (Michael)
  • Administration not a topic at the moment
  • HL7 (Jose)
  • All their work to this is in FHIR
  • Knowledge about Administration could be extracted from now on
  • Pretty stable
  • How to proceed in this season?
  • Decision: we continue to work on it from a "functional perspective in the context of the work on the "Common Profile". A technical profile will be done once a concrete demand shows up

  • Medication Statement (in current CMPD landscape)
  • Swiss (stephane)
  • Currently MTP will be used for documenting medication reported by the patient (because we don't have anything else right now)
  • Austria (Jürgen)
  • Same as for Medication Administration
  • Netherlands (Michael)
  • The topic is on the table in Netherlands. Medication Statements are about to be registered. Currently in the status of shaping the information model. Next step: "how to communicate this"
  • IHE will probably not be a topic
  • HL7 (Jose)
  • All their work to this is in FHIR
  • Development in progress, not yet mature
  • How to proceed in this season?
  • Decision: we continue to work on it from a "functional perspective in the context of the work on the "Common Profile". A technical profile will be done once a concrete demand shows up

  • Review of profile names (Jürgen)
  • Unfortunately it was missed the chance to introduce the name changes at the end of last season. Profiles are published with the old names now.
  • Decision: Further proceeding:
  • Name changes will be introduces in the beginning and NOT mixed up with any other change
  • Once this is finished, Mary will be asked if a re-publishing is possible (with the new names)
  • If yes -> republishing and then processing further changes on that basis
  • Consequence: Profiles available with new names on the basis of current status
  • If no, further changes will be collected and profiles will be published at the end of season
  • Consequence: Profiles available with new names on the basis of next year's status
  • Decision on new names:
  • Pharmacy Prescription -> Medication Prescription
  • Pharmacy Dispense -> Medication Dispense
  • Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Advice -> Pharmaceutical Advice
  • Pharmacy Medication List -> Medication List
  • Problem: Acronym is PML -> simply let is like it is
  • Medication Treatment Plan -> no change
  • (not released yet): Pharmacy Administration -> Medication Administration
  • (not released yet): Medication Statement -> no change
  • Action item: Process the name changes (Jürgen)

11:15 - 11:30 Break

11:30 - 12:30 New Work Items - status update

Ongoing work items

  • Catalogue/Formulary (Simon/José)
  • Status: not changed since last time
  • Topic is very big and complex, needs to be sliced in smaller pieces
  • A new standard will be released by ISO soon ("Medicinal Product Dictionaries")
  • OpenMedicine project has a demand on this topic
  • How to proceed in this season?
  • Decision: Low priority until a TCon is dedicated to define the scope of phase 1
  • HMW review (Marc/José)
  • Status: not changed since last time
  • Discussion if it's worth putting energy into this
  • Reasons of HMW having low uptake by vendors:
  • Vendors already use the HL7 messages also used by HMW
  • They seem not to see it from a "wider" perspective and thus don't invest in further standardisation by IHE
  • It's NOT because of the quality of the profile -> improving HMW will not change this!
  • FHIR is very much pressing into market, will be soon arriving in hospital systems
  • Fully concentration on FHIR for uptake into hospital might be recommended
  • How to proceed in this season?
  • Decision: Work-item will be put on hold. Fully concentration on the development of the "Common profile". Once this is on track, reconsidering if shaping up HMW makes sense

12:30 - 13:30 - Lunch

13:30 - 15:30 What's up

  • ISO (José)
  • ISO / DTS 17523 "Requirements of e-Prescription"
  • It's in FDIS state (final)
  • No action required
  • ISO / DTS 19256 "Requirements of e-Dispense"
  • It's currently in creation but on hold, waiting on the result of openMedicine
  • Lead: Christian Hay
  • This work item shall be observed and assured that it is developed in alignment with our profiles
  • Review should be done in an earlier stage
  • Action item: Bridging this activity to IHE community for review (Jose)
  • ISO IDMP "Identification of Medicinal Products"
  • Identified task for IHE: Investigating, if and how we can declare conformity to IDMP.
  • Formation of a work-item seems not to be pressing.
  • Decision: We keep that in mind as a task for the future
  • ISO MPD "Medicinal Product Dictionary"
  • Influences the "Formulary" work-item
  • HL7
  • FHIR DSTU2 updates (Michael / José)
  • DSTU2 means that certain resources are now frozen and will not be changed anymore
  • Supply Resources
  • Have been created, are now in the standard (still in progress)
  • Managed by Orders and Observations group (OO)
  • Medication Resources
  • Frozen: Medication, Medication Statement
  • Rest is still in progress (Order, etc.)
  • Managed by HL7 Pharmacy
  • Upcoming Workflow resources
  • Medication resources are now separated from workflow
  • Workflow resources are worked out by FHIR Management group (FMG)
  • Impact on IHE:
  • Development of "Common profile"
  • Jose currently participating HL7 calls, any support welcomed!
  • Possibility of influencing FHIR is still on
  • Others
  • openMedicine
  • Short presentation about an informal overview of the project (José)
  • Impact on IHE
  • openMedicine has a dedicated problem to solve, which has not been tackled by IHE
  • It goes not deeper than "Information element" layer, so the touching surface to IHE profiles is thin
  • It relies on resources like "epSOS specification" and IHE profiles and once openMedicine has figured out a solution for the problem it might impact those specifications/profiles
  • Decision: IHE would like to see openMedicine (combining strong forces like e.g. EMA) to solve this complex problem and is willing to react on resulting needed changes in our profiles
  • Action item: Jose bridges from IHE to openMedicine and informs IHE about progress and results (Jose)
  • Decision: IHE must take care that epSOS specification (now EXPAND specifications) are getting aligned again to IHE profiles by maintenance
  • Stephane: IHE Services is responsible for maintenance
  • Action item: Approach Karima Bourquard/Charles Parisot/Alexander Berler at next IHE-Europe meeting next weeks for details (Jürgen, Stephane)

15:30 - 15:45 - Presentation of "Medication Processes - Big picture"

  • Short presentation of a first draft of the "big picture" (José)
  • ISO is interested in this work
  • It is also important for the development of the "Common profile"
  • Question: To which extent does IHE Pharmacy want to be involved in that?
  • Agreement: Work-item should be placed in ISO
  • Will be eventually a Technical Report (TR)
  • Work-item proposal maybe designed next week at ISO meeting in Bern
  • Decision: IHE will observe this work-item
  • Action item: Jose bridges from IHE to this work-item (Jose)

15:45 - 16:00 Medication Documentation

  • Now officially an ISO work-item
  • Layout changed to ISO style
  • ISO comments already received
  • Original Document "Medication Management Related Concepts and Definitions" (Michael/Stephen)
  • New folder created on FTP server (old folder of former IHE work-item abandoned)
  • Current version of the document (in ISO format)

16:00 - 16:15 Other work-items

  • Harmonizing glossary between IHE and HL7 (Marco)
  • Marco is not available anymore to drive this forward
  • How to proceed in this season?
  • Decision: IHE does not longer want to be the host for this work-item, because for us it has no priority -> this work-item will be abandoned
  • Medication data collection - proposal review (José)
  • Intended executive summary of the outcome of the whitepaper proposed
  • Discussion
  • Group discusses intensively how to proceed with this work-item
  • Decision: Work-item is put on hold for now. Will be taken up again depending on capacity

17:30 - Adjourn

Pharmacy Planning Committee