Pharm Meeting Minutes 2021.03.16

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Meeting details


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  • Hans Lunenborg
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Michael Tan

Q1 13:00- 14:30 Planning Committee Work

  • Review Agenda
  • Agenda approved.
  • Review previous meeting notes
  • Schedule
    • reviewed the schedule and proposed a tentative F2F in June 22,23,24 depending on the pandemic situation.
  • Review and update Wiki
  • General
  • FTP and Google Drive
  • Roadmap
  • Strategic goals
  • Profile status discussion (public comment, final text, deprecated)
  • Which profiles profiles could be set to "Final text"? Candidates? Criteria?
  • The co-chair positions need to be filled in.
  • Jose (co-chair planning committee vendor) term has ended on August 31 2020, Jurgens Brandstaetter term has ended on August as well.
  • Jose can still be reelected. Jurgen will probably step down.
  • Jose will ask Simon Letellier about the election schedule.

progress on publishing

  • Discussion with IHE FHIR publication group
  • Guidelines on how to provide publication material for IHE profiles.
  • The old platform contained PDF. This will now be published using HTML.
  • This will include MMA and UBP.
  • There will tutorials on producing the publication material. The tools have been involving.
  • Jose will organize the tutorial. This need some tools to be installed.

14:30- 15:00 Break

Q2 15:00- 16:30 Technical Committee Supply Topics


  • Abbassi Ghalib (Houston)
  • Hans Lunenborg ( Netherlands)
  • Marc Robberecht ( Gent)
  • Scott Robertson ( San Francisco)
  • Jacqueline Surugue (Nyon )
  • Stephane Spahni ( Geneva)
  • Michael Tan ( Netherlands)
  • Chris Carr (Chicago)


  • A white paper is available on supply, including supply chain, tracking and tracing, barcoding.
  • The white paper contains different topics:
    • inventory management
    • resupply request
    • Receipt of items
  • Functional models are available as FHIR resources.
  • The logical model of product is generic.
  • Has X12 been discussed with in the group.
  • There was enough knowledge within the group.
  • The same is actually with the GS1 standard.
  • Any knowledge is welcome.
  • * Has the problem of packaging been discussed.
  • This problem has been solved. Ordering packaging can be different.
  • A product can be associated to another product with a factor as ratio to the other product.
  • Jacqueline raises the problem of half tablets. The patient consumes only half, but the rest of the supply is thrown away.
  • Scott: a whole tablet is used, but half is waste. The waste has to be noted. THis is especially the case with narcotics.
  • In France is case of waste a declaration of honour has to be clarified and signed.
  • Do we need to consider to waste management? Most are in favour.
  • There can be a difference between the quantity sent and the quantity received.
  • Jose prefers the word consumption.
  • Hans suggests to involve some IT vendors. Jose ask.
  • Josh Zamor, Jose and Marc are defining the FHIR transactions. These are all the FHIR transactions in the white paper.
  • Functional, technical, alignment with HL7 ( facilitated by Chirstian Hay).
  • No fixed planning.
  • Hans asks how IDMP fits in the resupply. This is probably in the track prior to this process.
  • In need of functional examples of use cases.

Pharmacy Technical Committee