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The Patient Synchronized Application (PSA) Integration Profile enables single patient selection for the user working in multiple applications on a workstation desktop. With this Integration Profile patient selection in any of the applications causes all other applications to tune to that same patient.


Simple rendering of patient information across multiple desktop applications

  • allows a clinician to use the application they are most familiar with to select the patient, and then have that selection reflected in the other applications they are using follow along.


The Patient Synchronized Application (PSA) Integration Profile:

  • leverages the HL7 CCOW standard, specifically for patient subject context management. The scope of this profile is for sharing of the CCOW Patient subject only.
  • The IHE PSA profile adds value to the CCOW specification for the patient subject by further constraining the patient identifier to ensure consistency across applications supporting PSA, providing guidance for consistent behaviour across applications supporting PSA and ensuring consistent interaction with the Patient Identifier Cross-reference (PIX) Consumer Actor across the enterprise.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:

  • Any healthcare application that accesses patient-specific information
  • Any applications that are concurrently open and available on a user’s desktop

Actors & Transactions:



Profile Status: Final Text

Documents: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Version 1 or later

  • Vol. 1 - Section 6
  • Vol. 2 - Sections 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.13

Underlying Standards:

  • HL7 Context Management “CCOW” Standard, Version 1.4:
  • Technology and Subject Independent Architecture
  • Component Technology Mapping: ActiveX
  • Component Technology Mapping: Web
  • Subject Data Definitions

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