Lab Tech Agenda 09.05.14-16

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Thursday May 14:

  • Welcome, roundtable, housekeeping, agenda adjustments & approval
  • Organization: Planning & Technical Committee, cochair elections - Karima
  • Inter-Laboratory Workflow profile (ILW): goes to "Trial for Implementation" - François
  • XD-LAB project in Austria - Stefan, Alexander Mense
  • Conclusion on the Italian microbiology issue with XD-LAB - François

Friday May 15:

  • Graphs & Images in lab results (option GIR for LTW and LDA profiles) - Ken, Watanabe, François
  • Conclusions on Newborn Screening business analysis - François
  • CP processing - François
  • All afternoon: Content Profile for CDA lab order document (XOCP) - Alexander Henket
  • First pass on comments to white paper "External Lab Ordering"

Saturday May 16:

  • News on IHE LAB round the world: Japan, North-America, Europe - Eric
  • CP processing (continue) - who?
  • Planning - Karima
  • Wrapup

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