Joint meeting agenda's and minutes with ITI, PCC and QRPH

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July 19, 2017 Agenda


Note Taker: Nichole Drye Mayo

Attendees (name, organization, committee)

  • Icebreaker - Suggest names for Lori's baby horse (F), born last night!
  • QRPH Committee
  • John Stamm - Epic
  • Derek Ritz - ecGroup
  • Lori Fourquet - e-HealthSign, LLC
  • Gila Pyke - Cognaissance
  • Lauren Lemieux - American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Eric Larson - Northrup Grumman/CDC
  • Didi Davis - Sequoia Project
  • James Kariuki - CDC
  • Alaina Elliott - CDC
  • Pegeen Long - Allscripts
  • PCC
  • Emma Jones - Allscripts
  • Denise Downing - AORN
  • Amit Popat - Epic
  • Andrea Fourquet - e-HealthSign, LLC
  • Brian Reinhold - PCHA/LNI
  • Thomson Kuhn - ACP
  • Vassil Peytchev - Epic
  • Chris Melo - Philips
  • Thierry DART - ASIP Santé
  • John Moehrke - By Light
  • ITI
  • Mauro Zanardini - Arsenal.IT
  • Elliot Silver - Change Healthcare
  • Luke Duncan - IntraHealth International, Inc.
  • Chris Melo - Philips
  • Sylvie Colas - ASIP Santé
  • Lynn Felhofer - IHE USA
  • Robert Horn - Agfa Healthcare
  • Joseph Lamy - AEGIS.Net (representing SSA)
  • Gregorio Canal - Arsenal.IT
  • Charles Parisot - GE Healthcare
  • Steve Moore - Washington University
  • Jeremiah Myers - HIMSS
  • Celina Roth - HIMSS

Action Item Follow Ups

  • Elliot Silver/Mauro Zanardini
    • Item: ask the DCC group to share the Appendix Z with domain co-chairs with the purpose to be referenced by all the profile editors that are drafting FHIR-based profiles
    • Status: Completed on 7/19/2017.

  • Denise Downing/John Stamm
    • Item: Go through PCC and QRPH documents to remove the "strikethrough documentation" approach. Submit Change proposals or initiate appropriate corrective action.
    • Status: CP 180 generated for DSC (John/QRPH).

  • Emma Jones/Denise Downing
    • Advise AHIMA that the document produced as a national extension to PAM should be submitted by IHE USA as a new work item to ITI.
    • Status: Spoke with Anna Orlova. Will have a call with IHE and proceed from there.

New Agenda Topics

  • Mauro Zanardini - If any breaking change is made to an XDW WD profile, the submitted CP shall modify also the Workflow Definition Reference of the profile itself.
    • Action: Add FHIR tags on Wiki and process guides to 7/27 DCC call. Amit will lead this on the call. Amit, John and Emma will work together to offer guidance on how to enhance the profile page.

  • Derek Ritz - Boilerplate language clarifying "mobile" not meaning smartphone and instead meaning FHIR or REST.
    • Action: Read Appendix Z.

  • Steve Moore - IHE USA wants to publish a list of profiles that are based on FHIR as a marketing push for the January 2018 Connectathon.
    • Action: Steve and Lynn created a spreadsheet listing profiles utilizing HL7 FHIR.
    • Action: IHE USA will take spreadsheet and put as part of IHE NA Connectathon marketing. Steve will send copy to DCC and any other domains testing in 1/2018 Connectathon. People can correct language in titles, if necessary.

  • Elliot Silver - Discussion of IHE controlled terminology: format codes, vocabularies, etc. and where to document them.
    • Action: Elliot will send note to DCC with brief explanation of why IHE format codes need to be recorded in one place. Will also add to 7/27 DCC call agenda. Elliot will put note on IHE Format Codes page saying if you need help editing, send ES a note.

  • Emma Jones - Looking for a brief overview of the ITI “integrated” CPs for 2017? Are there additional ballots? When is the cut off?
    • No action. Elliot described updated ITI publication cycle. CP cut off is immediately following April f2f. Republish of TF's will take place within next few weeks. People will see all updates prior to Connectathon registration. Even if CP's aren't incorporated there is a spreadsheet in the FT document that lists all CPs. After ITI gets a dozen CPs they release a ballot. Those CPs are effective as soon as balloted and approved even if not added to document.

  • Lori Reed-Forquet - Discussion of SNOMED Licensing spreadsheet and shared areas like PCC Content Module. Additionally, the process for keeping the spreadsheet up to date.
    • Action: Each profile author will be responsible for own code sets.

Domain callouts

  • Didn't have time for this portion.