Extensions to HL7 CDA Release 2.0

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Appendix C - Extensions to CDA Release 2.0

This section describes extensions to CDA Release 2.0 that are used by the IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework.

IHE PCC Extensions

All Extensions to CDA Release 2.0 created by the IHE PCC Technical Committee are in the namespace urn:ihe:pcc:hl7v3.

The approach used to create extension elements created for the PCC Technical Framework is the same as was used for the HL7 Care Record Summary (see Appendix E) and the ASTM/HL7 Continuity of Care Document (see secion 7.2).


The <replacementOf> extension element is applied to a section appearing in a PHR Update Document to indicate that that section's content should replace that of a previously existing section. The identifier of the previously existing section is given so that the PHR Manager receiving the Update content will know which section to replace. The model for this extension is shown below.

Model for replacementOf

Use of this extension is shown below. The <replacementOf> element appears after all other elements within the <section> element. The <id> element appearing in the <externalDocumentSection> element shall provide the identifier of the section being replaced in the parent document.

Example use of the replacementOf extension
 <id root=' ' extension=' '/>
 <code code=' ' codeSystem='2.16.840.1.113883.6.1' codeSystemName='LOINC'/>
 <title>Name of the Section</title>
 <text>Text of the section</text>
 <pcc:replacementOf xmlns:pcc='urn:ihe:pcc:hl7v3'>
     <pcc:id root='58FCBE50-D4F2-4bda-BC1C-2105B284BBE3'/>

Extensions Defined Elsewhere used by IHE PCC

Entity Identifiers

There is often a need to record an identifer for an entity so that it can be subsequently referenced. This extension provides a mechnism to store that identifier. The element appears after any <realm>, <typeId> or <templateId> elements, but before all others in the entity where it is used:

<playingEntity classCode='ENT' determinerCode='INSTANCE'>
 <sdtc:id root='' extension='EntityID'/>

Patient Identifier

There is a need to record the identifer by which a patient is known to another healthcare provider. This extension provides a role link between the assigned, related or associated entity, and the patient role.

Use of this extension to record the identifier under which the patient is known to a provider is shown below.

Example use of the Patient Identifier Extension
 <id extension='1' root=''/>
 <code code='59058001'
   codeSystemName='SNOMED CT'
   displayName='General Physician'/>
   <streetAddressLine>21 North Ave</streetAddressLine>
 <telecom value='tel:(999)555-1212' use='WP'/>
 <sdtc:patient xmlns:sdtc='urn:hl7-org:sdtc' >
   <sdtc:id root='' extension='PatientMRN'/>

The <patient> element records the link between the related, assigned or associated entity and the patient. The <id> element provides the identifier for the patient. The root attribute of the <id> should be the namespace used for patient identifiers by the entity. The extension attribute of the <id> element shall be the patient's medical record number or other identifier used by the entity to identify the patient.