Card Tech Minutes 2018.08.15

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Dan Murphy, Epic
Sophia Chaidez, HCA


Connectathon @ ACC.19 - Paul Dow, 20 minutes
This brief call was a limited discussion of the possibilities of hosting a Connectathon at the ACC's Annual Scientific Sessions meeting, March 16-18, 2019 in New Orleans, LA. Paul will investigate further details regarding the costs of the space and possible sponsorship. Sophia has several calls higher levels of management at HCA to discuss participation.
Planning Committee Rejuvenation - Paul Dow, 5 minutes
As we have finished the work products for this cycle, the future meetings of the Technical Committee will be scheduled on a week-to-week basis while the Planning Committee develops a multi-year strategy. Annoucements will be made via the Google group as to the possible meeting schedule. Paul has time scheduled with the PC co-chairs, Slotwiner and Serwer, on 8/16 to discuss these topics. We may consider using the weekly T-con time for the PC to allow for structured time to develop an action plan.
Note: this call was shortened due to the completion of the TC tasks, as well as limited attendance due to illness.