Card Tech Minutes 2018.07.18

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Nick Gawrit, co-chair, heartbase
Chris Melo, co-chair, Philips
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Dan Murphy, Epic
Charles Thomas
James McRae, University of Washington
Sophia Chaidez, HCA


Note: All of the IHE wikis were inaccessible during the meeting due to an unknown reason.
Charles Thomas - Review Public Comments for CPN Extensions : 45 minutes
Review of a range of comments for clarification, including changing allergic reaction to penicillin as a contrast ast agent reaction. The recommendation was to add a second value set. It may be larger discussion to address all types of allergies, e.g. environmental, foods, but that may be a larger governance issue. In this case we will address the examples used by this profile. It was discussed that penicillin is not typically used as much as an antibiotic. Does it represent this class of antibiotic? The similar discussion occurred around contrast allergies with ionic and non-ionic. The conversations around allergies is not one that we've dealt with within a profile. We may need more clinical input for an clearer understanding of how these are dealt with by real-world procedures to build a value set.
Sophia Chaidez - CPN Implementation Guide Edit Review : 15 minutes
Several comments were submitted that asked led to questions about the focus of the implementation guides. The conversation led to a decision to leave the technical description to the profile documentation. Rather, we should embrace the ideas of how this impacts the workflow. The work has progressed well and the challenges have been ensuring we are not repetive to the other documentation.