Card Tech Minutes 2018.03.21

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Nick Gawrit, Co-chair, heartbase
Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Dan Murphy, Epic
Sheila Veuleman, Registry Partners.
Sophia Chaidez, HCA
Andrea Price, Indiana University
Parag Paranjpe, Health Level


F2F Meeting Discussion - Paul Dow 10 mins
Nick and Chris have developed a draft agenda for the F2F meeting in Washington. More time has been allotted for the CPN extensions to allow us to meet the deadline for getting materials to Mary Jungers for public comment. The agenda has been updated to reflect the addition of the White Paper discussion as well as possible discussion from IHE Japan on IVI imaging. They have not responded with preference for times.
CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas 35 mins
There is an issue around access to certain proprietary NCDR terms, however, we still have access to the coder's dictionary for version 4.4. A brief overview of open issues was presented, further issues will be investigated and documented for the April meeting. There is no plan to change the EP section at this time. The question is should we tune this document to version 5.0 dictionary, which will release later this month. IHE is limited to using only publicly available content. Some minor clean up of the document formatting occurred. Further discussion will be needed for the support of Structural Heart Interventions Options. Currently, a single procedure type might be performed. Typically, during a procedure two or three procedures e.g. replacement of aortic and/or mitral valves, could be supported. This may limit some vendors who specialize in a single procedure. The goal is make this as open as possible to encourage adoption. In the future we may look to constrain after feedback from implementers. This will be extensively discussed during our Face to Face meeting in two weeks.
CPN Implementation Guidebook - Rebecca Baker 15 mins
The discussion focused what CV Administrators should know about the CPN Guide. It was suggested to use four separate buckets of expertise: purchasing, sustainability, operations, and external reporting. It would be helpful if the companion guide could provide more detailed information around the value proposition for interoperability in broad terms, but also more specifically with CPN. The use case for CPN does mention longitudinal tracking of patients, but it doesn't give financial perspectives. It might be useful to state how this is the first step towards a global structured reporting solution.