Card Tech Minutes 2018.03.14

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Paul Dow,Secretary, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Jon Fast, ACC
Sophia Chaidez, HCA
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Sheila Veuleman,


IHE International Board Meeting @ HIMSS.18, Las Vegas, NV - Paul Dow (5 Mins)
The Cardiology Domain report for 2017-2018 was to be presented during the meeting at HIMSS. However, due to other agenda topics using more of the allotted time for impromptu discussion. The document was forwarded to Chris Carr, and a 2 minute overview was shared. THe full report will be presented at future time TBD. Chris Carr will contact us with possible times to share the information.
CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas (30 Mins)
Data dictionaries for all NCDR vocabularies are being consolidated into a single dictionary. This will be initially released with Cath PCI 5.0. The exact release date of this dictionary is 3/21/2018. Jon Fast will get the latest version and forward it to Paul, who will forward it to the group. The ACC/NCDR will most likely submit this dictionary to SNOMED for inclusion. The responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the vocabulary would belong to the ACC. IHE could offer extensions of the terminology and support for implementations. This would allow new technologies to be added in a timely fashion. A process like this will help standardize ongoing maintenance.
Next Steps: Charles Thomas will submit requests for time at the upcoming F2F meeting
CPN Companion Guidebook - Rebecca Baker (20 Mins)
There was a review of the CPN report's content workflow PPT created by Rebecca, Chris, and Jon. This workflow could include other internal analytics that may be applied from an institutions. The sample workflow has an emphasis on the cath lab, however, the EP lab would have a similar complexities.